When God wakes you up

Do you ever wonder what you need to pray for? You might have a list of requests about your material needs but you want to pray for more? You want to pray for something higher and more fulfilling. Do you ever pray for an awakening? Do you have that burning desire for more? It is the Spirit of the Lord showing you that you can indeed pray for more and more doesn’t mean more riches and more possessions. More means more spiritual growth. An awakening is when your spiritual senses are alive again and they receive a fresh coat of paint that reveals another layer of interest in the Lord. An awakening is a revival in your spirit. It’s a flame that can’t be put out. There is too much spiritual burnout going around. It’s contagious and it’s a spiritual virus that has contaminated too many people in the Church. It’s important to keep our spirits on fire for the Lord so we don’t get carried away by the waves of apathy that have made it to the shores of the Church. When apathy comes to us, we better go in the opposite direction and run away from it. This is what the Bible calls being lukewarm. When we are lukewarm, we are not hot for the Lord and we are not cold. We are sort of neutral and neutral means lack of action and lack of advocacy for the Lord. Today I want to encourage you to pray for an awakening. Pray for your spirit to be ignited again or to “stay on” for the Lord.



When we wake up in the morning, we either wake up with positivity, with negativity or in the neutral zone. The neutral zone can be dangerous because it won’t allow you to take a stand. Awakening to the truth is like waking up in the morning with positivity. The truth will always set us free. God’s truth always will and when it does, positivity keeps shining in our entire being. The truth of the Gospel is a light that keeps our souls alert and that vivifies our spirits. We need a spiritual awakening so we can be enlightened by the truth and stay awake with a positive mindset. The awakening that can take place in our spirits is a new start. It’s a fresh start where everything seems new and where we see God’s beauty all around. When the Spirit of the Lord gives our spirits a wake-up call in the field of positivity, truth and enlightenment, we are transformed. It’s impossible to go through a spiritual awakening and come out unchanged. God can awaken our spirits in a way that will be so powerful that it even shows on the outside. The inner awakening positively affects our outward appearance. God works from the inside out.



I love the concept of an awakening because it underlines how we were asleep before but now we are wide awake and ready to go. Pray for an awakening and let the Spirit of the Lord lead you into a vibrant state that you have never experienced before. The Bible says that when we are awake, the Lord shines on us. Friend, your awakening is going to produce a light that will lead people out of the darkness. Be eager and willing to have an awakening. Be open to a change in your spirit. Be open to finding out more about God. God can wake you up from a slumber and give you a new lease on life. Let God wake you up. Let Him sound the alarm and get you out of the bed you are sleeping in. I love when God wakes me up. I need His alarm time and time again. We can always be more awake. Circumstances can influence us and put us back to sleep. Therefore, we need to have a strong partnership with the Holy Spirit because He can keep us alert and give us a great spiritual revival every time we need one. Keep praying for enlightenment and for revelation. The Lord delights in giving to His children and He will give you more than you can expect. Brace yourself for a revolutionary awakening that will keep you on your spiritual toes and that will perk you up. God is going to wake you up!




Suggested reading: Isaiah 52:1; Romans 13:11; Ephesians 5:14


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