10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 88)

Let God’s love dominate you. It’s the sweetest possession there is and the most liberating at the same time. When God is in control, peace and joy get out of control and overtake you!

A melody of peace is constantly playing but our ears get too captivated by songs of chaos and songs of fear. God’s catchy melodies should be our songs. Once they are, life has a new symphony and a chorus that keeps us centered in the King of Kings.

Trouble will find you. Problems will chase you. Trials will run after but the words of the Lord will change you. They will change you so your trouble will do whatever it can to escape from you and you will stare at your trials with no fear. God’s words will transform you. Speak the words that make your problems tremble!

Every minute of every day God is with us in every way. He always makes a way. He removes what stands in the way. He gives us a reason to stay. The enemy will run away when we rely on God in all our ways.

Weapons will form against you but the Lord of lords won’t let them prosper. He will demolish what was going to destroy you and He will make you stronger with every attack and every victory.

The house of the Lord is where you want to be. Stay indoors. Rest in the arms of the Lord. Fellowship with His Spirit. Sleep on His bed of peace and eat the food He has set on the table before you.

Clap your hands and let the world hear your praise. Clap your hands and let the world know who you praise. Clap your hands and let the world understand praise. Clap your hands and let the world join you in your praise.

Your life is a platform. Know your audience and know your purpose. Love is your purpose. The world is your audience. Feed your audience the love it craves!

The enemy wants nothing more than to see you shake in your boots. Don’t give him that luxury. Shake fear out of your system by stumping your feet in worship and praise. Thank the Lord because the enemy was defeated. Give him the boot in Jesus’ name!

Give to the Lord in faith. Give Him your time. Give Him your last thoughts of the day. Give Him praise. Give Him thanks. Give Him all you have. He deserves your everything because He gave everything to you!

Suggested reading: Exodus 15:2; 1 Chronicles 16:11; John 14:27

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