How your prayers bring life

The Bible is a book of a lot of things. It’s a book of love, a book of hope, a book of deliverance, a book of blessings, a book of victory and it is a book of prayer among other things. Calling those characteristics “things” doesn’t do them justice but it brings them down to a level that we can all understand. The Bible is alive and contains life first and foremost so those “things” are alive. Love is alive, hope is alive, deliverance is alive, blessings are alive, victory is alive and prayers should be alive. So why do we pray like our words are dead sometimes? Why do we suck the life out of the words of the Bible? I used to recite prayers because that was the best I could do. I had memorized the words and they sounded fine but there was no life attached to them. My prayers today are alive because the Lord led me to seeing His Word as a living Word. The Bible is a book of many living prayers. Prayers that bring hope back to life. Prayers that revive love. Prayers that bring deliverance. Prayers that bless others. Prayers of victory that are spoken in faith. Today I want to encourage you to pray bold prayers that are alive. I want to remind you that God’s Word is alive and your prayers can resurrect your circumstances and blow life into people’s lives. Be ready to bring life back to life so to speak through your living words!


If you look at the book of Psalms, you will see that David prayed a lot. Jesus prayed all the time. His words touched the heart of the Father and they never came back empty. When Jesus prayed, the heavens listened. When Jesus prayed, change happened. When Jesus prayed, miracles took place. When Jesus prayed, love found a way. When Jesus prayed, joy showed up and stayed. When Jesus prayed, His words nullified the power of the enemy. When Jesus prayed, people came back to life. When Jesus prayed, death got out of the way. Jesus’ words have life-changing power in them. When you pray in His name, your words are life changing. When you pray in His name, resurrection comes to the scene and revives your dead situation. Your words during prayer can revive everything and anything that has died. Let your words of prayer be heard and let God have the final say through the prayer of faith that you say. Step out in faith and say bold prayers that echo what the Bible proclaims.


The key is to speak your words with faith. Be sure to coat every prayer with faith. Trust that God hears you. The One who saved you will always assist you. He is with you and in you. When you speak His words, He comes to the rescue. When you pray in faith, He changes the atmosphere. When you pray and praise, miracles start happening. Let your prayers change the water of your life into wine from Heaven. Let your prayers produce signs and wonders in Jesus’ name. You don’t own the power. It’s the Lord’s. Let Him show His power. All you have to do is stay strong in your faith and expect great things. Your words are alive but they will fall flat on the ground if you don’t see them for what they are with the eyes of faith. Your prayers can change your world. Thank the Lord for His words that are alive and well. Expect resurrection in your life and in the lives of others when you pray in Jesus’ name. Your prayers are filled with power and the Lord will show you how He manifests His power when you pray. Don’t give up. Keep praying. The prayers of the faithful are always heard!


Suggested reading: Psalm 19:14; Proverbs 18:21; Mark 11:23


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