The best way to start the week

What is the best way to start the week? The best way to start the week is with the Lord. You are probably thinking that He is with us all the time. He is but it’s up to us to acknowledge Him and embrace Him. It’s easy to start a new week with many ideas and thoughts that are not God related. Our minds are programmed to see things in the future according to our human limitations. It’s a normal way of seeing life but when we look at life with the eyes of faith, seeing the Lord on our sides, we can only see hope in the future. The best way to start the week is to start with confidence, peace and joy knowing that the Lord is with us. The best way to start the week is with praise. Hands down. Praise is one of my recurring topics for a reason. There is so much power and freedom in praise. Praise is the language of faith. Praise is the engine of our salvation. It keeps it going. It makes it work. It gives it meaning. What is salvation without praise? It’s like being in a relationship and ignoring the other person and who they are. We can’t ignore the Lord and reject Him. Yet we do all the time and then we wonder why we are having a hard time making it in life. When we don’t acknowledge the Lord in all we do, we are more prone to making the wrong decisions and we don’t have the necessary fuel we need to live out our best lives. Our best lives are in Him and our best week is ahead of us every week when we stay in faith and we rely on Jesus all the time.



Being God-minded is a beautiful way to live. Approaching life with God in mind is precious. Having God in our hearts in addition to having Him in our minds is the winning formula. It is the ticket to the front seats of our best moments. God will always be part of our best moments. Let’s access those moments by making sure He is our priority. When God is our priority, we have no fear. Think about it. Being saved is the most amazing thing that could happen to you. It’s huge. Having eternal life is huge. Being connected to God is huge. Having a close relationship with God is huge. God gave you eternal life so why worry about the rest? I am saying this to you and to myself. The God who saved our lives can meet all our needs. We believe He saved us so we should definitely believe that He can assist us, bless us and provide all our needs. The best way to start the week is by recognizing that we have absolutely nothing to fear and nothing to worry about this coming week. God is still as powerful and mighty as he was on the day we got saved. There is no change in Him. This week is going to be great because we have the great One in us. Nothing that will happen to us this week is going to be bigger and stronger the Lord. Nothing!



When we start the week with the confidence that the Lord will be with us all week, we start the week the way we are supposed to. We are not supposed to vacillate and wonder how we are going to make it. We are going to make it because the maker of the world is backing us up. Whatever task, work or duty you have this week is not too difficult for God. Declare that the Lord is backing you up. You might lose control; you might lose hope but that doesn’t alter the Lord. He will get you out of the ditch. He will pull you up and set you back on the right track. Your bills, your health, your family, your job, your friends can all be sources of concern and worry. This is what you should do at the start of the week. Present all sources of worry to the Lord. Turn them over to Him. Acknowledge that He can and He will help you. Remember that your God is a God of miracles. He can do it all. When negative thoughts and thoughts of defeat get in your mind, say that the Lord is your Shepherd. He is and as your Shepherd He will take care of you every step of the way and every day of this week. The best way to start the week is with praise so praise the Lord that you are going to have a “Hallelujah week” and no one and nothing will keep you from being blessed!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 41:10; Luke 12;25-26; 1 Peter 5:7

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