Don’t let your heart be troubled

A few days ago, I woke up in a bit of a panic. There was no reason for me to feel that way other than the medical visit I had that day. I had not had blood drawn in a while. Nurses have a hard time finding my veins so it’s usually a poking session that I could do without. The whole idea was most likely in the back of my mind but it just seemed amplified to a level I wasn’t used to. I got into prayer and heard “Do not let your heart be troubled.” This very reassuring message from the Lord accompanied me all day. Little did I know I was going to need it. It’s so easy for us to let our hearts be troubled. Once we let them get overwhelmed by circumstances, the weight of the burden makes our hearts sink and it is difficult to recover from that setback. The Lord knows the importance of keeping our hearts strong and in peace.


 I was telling a friend the other night that the solution to the problem she and her boyfriend were facing was to first operate from a platform of peace. It is crucial to be calm and composed when facing adversity. Why? Because the Lord can be found in peace. When we let chaos overload our hearts, the Lord can’t be found. We have worry on our minds and we minimize the Lord. In the middle of chaos, we can be rescued but we won’t find the Lord in the chaos and the confusion because He doesn’t live there. I have seen the Lord come to my rescue numerous times when I was lost but it wasn’t because I was looking for Him among the debris of confusion. He is a clear and orderly God. When we get back to peace, we get back to where the Lord is and we can hear from Him better.


The trouble with a troubled heart is that it can run in many different directions and it is rare that one of those directions leads to God. The enemy wants our hearts to be troubled because he always tries to steal our joy and our peace. If you are going through difficulties today and you can’t seem to find peace, let me remind you that the One who is peace can remove the chaos within and give you serenity again. Take the time to deal with the confusion. Don’t sweep it under the carpet. Face it and let God dominate it. Recognize that you need the help. Show yourself vulnerable to the Lord and He will show you His strength. Tears will roll and pain will arise but the joy of the Lord will come back and you will smile again. One thing that truly helped me a few days ago was when I was in the heat of pressure and stress, the Lord whispered some more encouragement.


After the medical visit which went very well by the way, I had to deal with my home insurance company and my mortgage company. I felt the heat rising and stress was right at the door of my heart but there is a sign on my heart that says, ‘Jesus’ property. No trespassing.” I had to read that sign out loud to the enemy so he would pack the suitcase of stress he was trying to leave inside my temple. That is when the encouragement from God came. The Holy Spirit said that the God I worshipped that morning, the One who gives me so much joy is still the same at that very moment. The heat might be on but the Lord is in control of the thermostat and He won’t let any weapon formed against me prosper. It didn’t matter what the insurance company was telling me. What mattered was that the Lord was telling me there was no need to let my heart be troubled because He was still the same. That made me smile and it gave me a boost of faith.


I got back to a place of peace and calm because I was reminded of how our Lord is always in control no matter how bad things get. It may be something you have heard over and over again and you should keep hearing it so when trouble hits, your heart will be at peace. We are called to praise the Lord at all times and it is hard to praise Him with a troubled heart. Guard you heart, friend. Open it up to the Lord and give Him control of the situation again. Worrying won’t help you. Taking matters in your own hands when you are troubled won’t change things for the better. Get into prayer or get into praise but for sure get out of being troubled. The Lord is your strength. Rely on Him always!


Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; John 14:1; John 16:22-23


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