Keep a grateful heart

I love songs about being grateful and thankful to the Lord. I love putting that gratitude into action even more. Keeping a grateful heart is a powerful recommendation in the Bible. When we are grateful, we are open to God. We kick negativity in the head and we give it a headache by choosing to be positive. A grateful heart is a heart that understands God and that acknowledges God. It’s a heart that beats to the rhythm of faith. It’s a heart that is ready to receive from God. It’s a heart that loves God. Do you demonstrate your love for God with your grateful heart? Do you keep your heart in harmony with the heart of the Lord? Gratitude allows you to do that. Today I want to encourage you to keep a grateful heart. Stay in harmony with love and peace by keeping a grateful heart. Find reasons to thank the Lord. Look around you, look inside of you and be grateful. There is so much you can thank the Lord for. Keep the gratitude going at all times and in all seasons. David’s heart understood gratitude. Reading his songs is a great inspiration. Create songs of gratitude and praise in your heart. Let the Lord hear your gratitude with a cry that comes from the bottom of your heart.


The key to successful gratitude is to maintain it despite what happens in our lives. It is a challenge but it is not impossible. Being grateful when everything is going wrong is a testimony to our tenacity and to our faith. It indicates that we value the Lord above all else. Storms might come but they won’t steal our thanksgiving. Every day should be Thanksgiving to the Lord. Nothing should be more important than our words of gratitude. Thanking God gives us an opportunity to be on a higher level and to rise above our circumstances. Next time you are faced with adversity, get into thanksgiving mode. Choose gratitude over a bad attitude. It will open your eyes of faith even wider and it will silence the pain and the sorrow. Gratitude is a force that dethrones the bitterness the enemy wants us to cultivate. It stops us from whining and complaining. There is power in a grateful heart. Give yourself a chance to experience the power of a heart that beats for the Lord.


Gratitude puts a smile on your face when the opposition tries to push you to frown. Gratitude welcomes goodness all the time. It loves the Lord’s goodness and kindness and it attracts them. You can see gratitude as a magnet for blessings and for goodness. It gives you a good perspective and it stays centered around positivity. When you adopt an attitude of gratitude, you are thankful for what you had, what you have and what you will have. You know great things are here now. You know great things are coming and you know how to find the good in the bad. You also look at the past with thankful eyes and you don’t dwell on the negative things that happened to you. A grateful heart is full of love and when you decide to go with your heart instead of your mind, you will be able to show love to everyone. Gratitude opens the door to love and it spread it generously.


I pray for gratitude. I pray that I stay alert and always see the things I should be grateful for. I thank God for everything but I also thank Him for very specific things. That helps me a lot when it is hard for me to be thankful. I jumpstart gratitude by thanking God for the tiniest things. The more I do it, the more gratitude comes out of me. I want to be a fountain of gratitude and be known for my praises to the Lord. I don’t want to be that grumpy Christian who is never content and never happy. My desire is to be overflowing with thankfulness. I need to guard my heart in order to get there. The Bible invites us to be devoted to prayer by being watchful and thankful. Let’s be sure to have gratitude in our prayers. We can’t say prayers that are a whining fest. Our prayers should be about how good our Lord is more than how bad our lives are. With a heart full of gratitude, we always see the good even in the bad. My prayer today is that you keep a grateful heart and that you enjoy every moment of every day! Start each day with a prayer that displays your grateful heart!


Suggested reading: 2 Corinthians 4:15; Colossians 1:12; Colossians 2:7


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