Let God recycle your life

My school has had many recycling initiatives and every year some of the staff comes up with very creative ways to encourage the kids to recycle. I am a big proponent of recycling and I love how my community is really into it. Taking something that was useful for a while and being able to turn it into something that will have other uses is amazing to me. A lot of what we recycle has gone bad and can’t be used the way it is after a while. This made me think of how in life we get into situations that need to be recycled. We hang on to them and we want to keep using them so to speak but they have lost their value and they need to be dismissed. These situations could be relationships, habits or just circumstances that we have to abandon. Toxic relationships have to go through a recycling process and be disposed of many times. Some habits should be recycled and changed. Channeling the energy put into those habits and directing it toward something new can make a huge difference. When it comes to circumstances, the recycling process is more challenging. It can happen if we take the circumstances and give them away. How do we do that? We need to let God recycle them for us. This means that we ought to give up control of what we can’t change. Bringing situations into God’s hands is key. God can recycle anything and turn it into something good and pure again. He makes sure that everything comes out nicely after going into that process. You don’t have to stay in the situation you are in now. It can be recycled and it can improve. Get God involved. Turn to Him and He will put your situation through a recycling process.


The biggest recycling event that has ever happened took place when Jesus died and rose again. Death was recycled. Death was conquered. What came out of that process is eternal life. Salvation was born. The Lord took our sins and transgressions and He gave us a new life. Our sins were washed away by His blood. Our transgressions were forgiven. Through His blood our dirt was made clean. We are whiter than the snow because of this amazing recycling process.  If the Lord could conquer death, He can conquer and recycle any situation you are facing today. It may seem like a giant to you but it is nothing He can’t recycle. You may be facing a mountain of problems but the Lord can transform it into a heap of blessings. Your most difficult moments are not too hard for the Lord. Picture them as a pile of rubbish and trash that needs to be taken care of. That pile is going to be recycled and God has started the process. Pray about it. Thank Him for it and see how it all goes up in smoke when the right time comes. What you need to do is trust that once you have put it all in God’s hands, He is actually working on it. You don’t have to worry about what is happening behind the scene and how it is being handled. He knows what He is doing and He does everything well!


I love the idea of giving in to God and letting Him take charge of my life. It takes a lot of pressure off me. I can’t make this life a good life on my own. I can’t face adversity and problems alone. I do have wonderful people in my life but to see some situations change takes an act from God. I didn’t get to where I am on my own and I can’t get to my destination by relying solely on myself. There is still a lot of recycling that needs to occur in my life and I trust that recycling will always be around. Nothing is ever perfect and tribulations are bound to show their ugly faces but every time the ugly face of problem pops us, the smile of the Lord is there as well. When we recycle, we believe that something good and useful will come out of the process. When we hand our tribulations over to the Lord, we believe that something very good is going to happen. God is going to recycle your life. He has a new life for you. Every day is a new day in His book and He can create new beautiful chapters in your life. Don’t let your current situations bring you down. You might be down in the dumps now but the Lord will get you out of that pile of trash and you will come out a new person. Let God recycle your life as you stay in faith. Your prayers are putting the process into motion and love and faith are putting the final touch to it!


Suggested reading: John 3:16; 2 Corinthians 5:17; Ephesians 4:22-24


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