When God signs your paper

Yesterday when I was praising the Lord during prayer time in the morning, I had an amazing experience. First, I had a vision in my mind that touched my heart to the core. It was so powerful that it reduced me to tears. I was a puddle of tears singing to the Lord. In the vision I saw the Lord in a huge concert hall doing what looked like signing autographs. The crowds were trying to get to Him to get their papers signed. Come to find out He wasn’t signing autographs but He was rewriting people’s lives and when I realized that tears started rolling down my cheeks. He said “That is what happens when people praise Me.” The Lord rewrites our story when we praise Him. He takes the crumbled pieces of paper of our lives and signs His name on them. He puts His seal and the whole story changes. He rewrites history. He makes changes. He edits our lives. He revises them and He makes them much better.


I couldn’t believe the beauty of what I was seeing and how graceful the Lord was to give me that message. What also made me cry was that I kept thinking “If only people knew. If only people knew.” If only people knew what the Lord does when we praise and worship Him. When we put Him up there above everything else, when we put Him on a pedestal and we refuse to let problems blur our faith, He does the impossible. He shakes the mountains and open doors that no man can shut. He lets us walk on dry land when the oceans of confusion are surrounding us. Friend, let the Lord shake your mountains as you praise Him. Exalt Him. Let Him grab the paper of your life and let Him rewrite your life. Believe there will be breakthrough. There will be in Jesus’ name!


The amount of power Jesus has is hard to fathom. I don’t think that we humans can understand how big and powerful He is. It is also impossible for us to know the depth of His love. The power of His love can’t be conquered. Nothing and no one can stop Him. When we praise Him, we tap into that power, we tap into the impossible. We get a touch of love and we are embraced by the King. He is so majestic! What I am learning more and more is that the God of the impossible can truly do what’s impossible. Our minds limit what He can do in our lives but He can do it all. He has absolutely no limitations. You might be holding your life on a piece of paper today and you might not know what to do with it. I am telling you to give it to Jesus. Press in through prayer. Get to Him. Turn to Him. Lay it all at His feet. He will take your paper and write a beautiful story. He will change your circumstances and write chapters that you didn’t think could exist. He will push away obstacles and make room for blessings that are so big that you will have to look up really high to see them. You are going to be faced with mountains. Not mountains of trouble but mountains of blessings.


I was overwhelmed by what I saw during praise time. It was one of the most powerful and most transformative experiences I have ever had. If only people knew how much Jesus loves them. If only people could see Him and give their lives to Him. He has much more to offer than what the general public says He does. His love is immense and He has room for everyone. It was so obvious during prayer that the Lord loves every single one of us. He loves believers and non-believers. He doesn’t put a cap on His love. He will sign the papers of anyone who goes to Him. That concert hall had people from all backgrounds and ethnicities. I am sure there were people with various religious beliefs. Our mission is to let people know about Jesus. Our goal should be to get people closer to Him. Let’s be representatives of His love and His compassion. The world needs Him. Papers are being lost every day and they never get the stamp of the Lord. Some people have never heard of the Lord. Some of your friends and my friends have never encountered the Lord. He welcomes everyone. Let’s change the idea “If only they knew” into “I am so glad they know.” God is going to rewrite many lives. Let’s stay encouraged!


Suggested reading: John 3:16; Acts 16:30-31; Ephesians 2:8-9




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