Hanging out with Jesus

Do you ever wonder what it was like to spend time with Jesus when He was on earth? Do you ever wonder what it was like being one of His disciples and hanging around Him all the time? I used to wonder that all the time. I used to love watching movies about Jesus as a kid so I could get a visual of what it was like in those days. As I got older, I stopped watching the movies because I didn’t want to have a certain image of what He looked like ingrained in my mind. I wanted to get to know Him myself without anyone’s interference. I still feel that way. He is a personal God and He is an intimate God. He is also closer than ever. He sent the Holy Spirit so we could have that personal connection with Him. The thing is the Holy Spirit lives in us but we often live like He is an outsider. We don’t give Him the room that He deserves. We give Him a back room and let Him be a spectator of our lives when He desires to be in the spotlight and to have a role on the stage of our lives. He wants to introduce us to the real Jesus.


The Holy Spirit wants to connect us to the Lord. How can we get to the point where we have that connection through His Spirit? We can get there by acknowledging Him in all our ways. It sounds simple but yet we complicate it. If you want to get closer to God, remember that you don’t need another party to connect you other than the One who lives in you. Your pastor and your priest don’t have a privileged relationship with the Lord. You don’t need to go through them to know Jesus. They may have amazing messages and sermons that will enlighten you but relying on them to connect with the Lord can be tricky. The Lord is no respecter of persons and if we draw closer to Him, we will find out how close He has been the whole time.


God is not in a far-away galaxy although at times it feels that way. God is also not in our feelings. A friend of mine gave me that reminder recently. If we look for God in our feelings and in our emotions, we will not find Him. It is true that sometimes our emotions are a steppingstone to get to Him. Sadness and sorrow can serve as vulnerable feelings that open us to being more sensitive to the Lord and to yield to Him. A hard heart needs to be softened and emotions can play a role in that process. However, we need to keep in mind that the Lord is Spirit and He is everywhere. He does live in our hearts and He is calling us to recognize that and live our lives with the awareness of His presence. Can we walk with the Lord every day the way the disciples did back in the day? Absolutely! Jesus said He was giving us His Spirit so we would not be alone. He gave us His Spirit so we could have direct access to Him. He is sitting in heavenly places but He is also sitting in our hearts. He is with us and in us. He is walking with us but the question is, are we walking with Him?


Walking with the Lord requires acknowledgement and devotion. Devotion is crucial. We must be His servants and agree to His conditions. His terms and conditions are not draconian and they are not punitive. They are restorative and loving. He restores us back to where He planned for us to be. He brings us back to Him so to speak. He establishes our lives based on His plan when we are in agreement with Him. A big part of His plan is to have us walk side by side with Him and stay as close we can. I talk to Him throughout the day. I know I should do it more often. I shouldn’t get so busy in the affairs of life that they become my life when the Lord should be my life. Asking ourselves what Jesus would do in various situations is walking with the Lord because it shows that we take Him into consideration. Today I want to encourage you to walk with the Lord. Catch up to Him. He is not far ahead. He is right there but He wants you to see Him for who He is. Yield to His Spirit. Seek His face. Seek His guidance. Be devoted to His mission of love and salvation. Let Him use you in all you do. Be a rep for Jesus everywhere you go. You don’t need a banner or a big sign. You just need a smile and a willing heart. Walk with Jesus today. Keep acknowledging Him in all your ways. Great things will happen when you do!


Suggested reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Psalm 37:5; Romans 12:16


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