God will turn it for good

If you are going through a nightmare right now, just know that God is going to wake you up and help you forget about that bad dream.  Your current situation might be very difficult but the Lord is going to turn it for good. What the enemy is doing to you and what his plans are for you will be turned for good. God is going to shatter those plans and turn your situation around. The hardest part is to stay strong and hang tight but God is not leaving you alone. He never said that you would have to fend for yourself. He said that He would defend you and protect you. Today I want to encourage you to develop the habit of declaring that the Lord is going to turn your situation around. Declare it with your words and with your actions. Make that declaration be a part of your belief system. Let your heart grab that declaration and hold on to it. God is not giving up on you and His love will see you through.


Think about some of the worst times you have had and remember how the Lord got you through them. He has a plan and His plan is the opposite of the enemy’s plans for you. The enemy is trying to steal your joy and destroy you. God’s plan is to prosper you, to build you up and to bless you. Prosperity, construction and blessings are what you can expect from God. By prosperity I don’t mean financial bliss although God can provide that. I am talking about prospering in all things. Spiritual, emotional and physical prosperity. Prosperity is the state of being prosperous. Prosperous is usually associated with material wealth but the wealth the Lord brings touches all departments of our lives. God will prosper you despite what the enemy tries to do to you. The enemy’s trap and deceit won’t be stronger than God’s plans to prosper you.


If you are going through financial hardship, God will restore your finances because He is the God of the impossible and He loves you. Faith can get the hand of God to move in your favor and that includes financial matters The Gospel of the Lord is based on love and not on becoming rich but God is a provider. He is Jehovah-Jireh the One who provides our needs and He can give abundance. I don’t spend time praying for financial wealth. However, I do thank the Lord every day that He gives me more than enough. My cup overflows. It runs over because I trust the King of Kings. I have had a few financial setbacks but God has given me a great payback for every time the enemy tried to bring me down. What was meant for evil was turned for good by our amazing Lord!


Construction is the building of something that is usually a big structure. The Lord builds us up and we are often under construction. His Spirit helps us build something big in us. The enemy will attempt to bring us down and tear down what the Lord is doing in us. The enemy’s desire is to shake our faith and remove its foundation so we fall in a pit of confusion. For every brick that the opposition takes down, God has a whole wall ready to go up in its place. Don’t get discouraged when you are feeling defeated. That feeling will go and God will trade it for His victory. You will see victory. Tomorrow is a new day and with it comes a new beginning that will be way better than the suffering of yesterday.


The bad things that take place in our lives tend to make us think that we are cursed or that happiness is not our friend. God is a God of blessings and He loves blessing His children. I say let the rain of blessings come down as you let the power of singing go up. When life gives you a hard time, give God your best praise. Sing yourself back to joy. Proclaim the blessings of the Lord over your life. Don’t let morosity and dullness take over. Take over the atmosphere with praise. It’s in your singing that you will find the joy of the Lord again. The enemy may be planning a time of mourning for you but the Lord has joy, peace and love waiting for you in the morning. God will turn every bad situation for good. You have seen nothing yet. Stay in faith!


Suggested reading: 2 Samuel 16:12; Romans 8:28; 1 Corinthians 1:9

3 thoughts on “God will turn it for good

  1. Thank you Eliah for this wonderful encouragement and confirmation. The organization that funds us has been going through hard times as God is allowing the taps to dry up. This has affected us as we have less to live on. If this week is any indication our family will be homeless again by next Friday. Thankfully we know the One who is providing and know He has an answer for us. We stay in faith and wait for His deliverance. This encouragement reminds us that He is our provider and we can rejoice in Him! Thank you.

    Homer Les

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