Hold on to the power of the Word of God

I was off yesterday which gave me the opportunity to spend more time in prayer in the morning like I do on the weekend. It was an exquisite time. Spending time in prayer is more delicious than the best meals I have. That says a lot because I am quite the foodie but I find that the more time I spend in prayer, the more satisfied I am. It quenches my spiritual thirst and it takes care of my spiritual hunger for some time. Yesterday during that prayer time, I had a vision of myself walking in a snowstorm. I was all bundled up and I was holding my Bible. At first, I thought, “Oh yes Lord, thanks for the reminder that winter is coming and it will be here before I know it.” Then I started digging a little deeper into that message. I had a hat on, boots, a scarf and a big jacket. The snow was bad and it was covering my body including the little bit of my face that was not protected. What I noticed was that despite the storm and the cold I was able to walk. I was making my way through the snow and I was plowing through like a machine that couldn’t be stopped. I felt the cold. I felt the wind but I kept going. The Bible I was holding on to was a great indicator. It indicated that the strength that kept me going was coming from God.


I often hold my Bible when I pray or meditate. It is just a point of contact for me. It’s very symbolic. It reminds me that I have to hold on to the truth and use it as my base and my foundation.  That is what was happening in the vision. The Word of God was my foundation and it was taking me places. I felt the harsh weather and it wasn’t pleasant but the Word of God pushed me forward and helped me through the storm. The blizzards of live can paralyze us easily. They keep us from making progress. They keep us home. They discourage us from advancing and they can even scare us. I was not scared in that vision. I was aware of the danger but I had no doubt that the Word of God was with me and protecting me. I drew my strength from it. It was my motivation. It gave me zeal and it gave me hope. Hope is the ground that allows us to move from place to place. When we cast hope over the grounds of fear and doubt, we can walk on solid ground and we can keep going. The Word of God was obviously the hope that gave me power. Power to succeed. Power to go beyond what I thought I could do. Power to stare fear in the face and walk past it. Always hold on to the Word of God and you will be holding on to power from Heaven!


I love the true concept of Heaven colliding with earth and the vision I had was a demonstration of that powerful collision. In my right mind I would never venture out in a big snowstorm like the one in the vision but Heaven was with me so to speak. I was holding the power that makes anything possible. I was speaking the Word of God against that storm and it created that heavenly collision. The words of the Lord that are in the Bible force earth to yield to the power of God. Earth has to give way to power from Heaven when the Word of God is our hope. It doesn’t matter the size of the storm; Heaven will push you forward and get you where you need to be when you trust in Jesus. If you are in need of a Heaven collision today, go to the Word of God. Read it. Get filled with it. You will get full of hope and hope is what you will speak over every circumstance. Don’t let the winds blowing scare you. Don’t worry about the pile of snow that is being dumped on your life. Focus on the words of hope that are filling you up with power. Stay with the Word. Stay in the Word. Hold on to the Word. Hold on to power. Hold on to the Lord. He will get your through your worst winter storms. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 9:9-10; Isaiah 43:1-3; John 14:27


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