Change of plans

I have mentioned before how there are different plans for our lives. There is God’s plan for our lives, the enemy’s plan and our own plan. Sometimes two plans are merged. If we go along with the enemy’s lies, we can make his plan for our lives ours. If we follow the Lord and let Him lead the way, we are on board with God’s plan for our lives. His plan is the ultimate plan. Now, we have all experienced hardships and heartaches. We have all been through tough times. Some people more than others. We can’t avoid the tribulations. However, God often intervenes and says, “Change of plans.” He comes in and removes the trials. He comes in and gets us through the trials. He comes in and imposes His plan. This goes back to the truth that what was meant for evil is turned for good by the Lord. It is such a refreshing announcement when He says that there is change of plans. It is an encouragement we can receive when our faith is given a boost. Find ways to boost your faith when God’s plan doesn’t seem to come through. It always does. He has the plan that covers everything. When bad things happen, it doesn’t mean that the enemy won. It is God’s plan for us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and to get out of the misery. God has a rescue plan that will get us out of trouble. His plan is more powerful than the enemy’s plan. If you feel like you are sitting in the middle of suffering caused by the enemy’s plan for your life, don’t lose hope. God is about to tell you that there is a change of plan on the way.


When things are not going well, we can get conditioned to some pretty deplorable situations. We even believe that these bad things happening to us will be our fate. I have been there. I was at a point in my life where I did not believe good things could happen. I thought that evil always won over good and I had to get used to it. Then God came in with a resounding “Change of plans.” It took me a while to adjust to Him and to His positivity. I had to unlearn some mental habits and my heart had to be repositioned from the place of hurt it had been for so long. It felt as if God was sitting me down and was telling me to erase the bad memories with praying and singing. I discovered that praise did its job. God didn’t have the same plan the enemy had in mind for me of course. He wanted me full of joy and the enemy always wants us empty of joy and peace. He tries his hardest to deplete our joy and to deflate us. God has a plan that puts the air back in our ball of joy. He has a plan for us to recover, to be restored and to share the newfound joy with others. Don’t think that things are going to stay the way they are now. God’s plan will override the enemy’s plans for you. Help is on the way. It’s already done. Just hold tight and you will see how the great plan from Heaven shapes up your future.


God is not scratching His head trying to figure out how He is going to help you and bless you. It was all determined and done way before you were born. Nothing that happens to you will ever take Him by surprise. He has a clear plan laid out for you. It’s when you think there is no way out that He will show up and tell you there is a change of plans for you. What should you do while you are waiting for your breakthrough? Thank Him for being the “plan-changer.” Thank Him for loving you and for having your future in His hand. He holds you in the palm of His hand and He won’t drop you. He won’t let you fall. Get to a place of peace by asking Him to give you peace while you are waiting. He is extremely generous and loves giving all the time. Approach Him and you will get the peace you need to face the next few pages of your story until the change comes. Approach Him and ask His Spirit to keep you strong. There is a lot of joy coming your way and the Lord is going to deliver it to you. His plans never fail. They will be implemented and they will bless you and prosper you. Stay in faith. A change of plans is closer than you think!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Matthew 6:10; Hebrews 13:20-21


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