Bridging the gap between impossible and possible

I had a great time yesterday morning during prayer. I love that time alone with the Lord. I love it when He tells me to just listen and I seek His face with gladness.  Yesterday the message that impacted me the most was how Jesus is the bridge between the impossible and the possible. He is the bridge between people and God the Father. He is the bridge between doubt and faith. He is the substance of our faith. We believe because of Him. He is the reason for faith, the reason for love, the reason for miracles. Bridging the gap between the impossible and the possible was made real by the Lord. We tend to stand on the side of what’s humanly possible but we rarely cross over to the impossible, what I call the God possible. The Lord can do far greater things that humans can. To Him, impossible is not possible. When we are only looking at life from the side of the impossible and we don’t dare looking at life from the perspective of the impossible made possible, we are not sharing God’s mind. In His mind miracles are possible and are natural and normal. If you are stuck in the realm of the impossible and you can’t believe it is possible, the Lord has a word for you. His word is that He is the way, the truth and the life. You can reach God the Father and His realm of impossible made possible through Jesus. Jesus is the bridge and your faith allows you to walk over that bridge and get to the other side. Put your faith in the Lord. If He can part the seas, heal the sick, turn water into wine and perform endless miracles, He can bless you today with something that you deemed impossible.


Get close to the bridge. Get to know the bridge to the impossible. Read about Jesus’ miracles. Study the Word of God and meditate on what you find. The Spirit of the Lord is the flashlight that allows you to see in the darkness of confusion. Confusion can make everything so dark and so hard to understand. The Holy Spirit has the light that can dissipate any darkness. He brings clarity. Do you ever pray for guidance and clarity? I do and I also praise because of guidance and clarity. I stand on the promise that the Spirit of the Lord will guide me and enlighten me so what I have to do is thank Him and praise Him in advance. I was telling a friend that once the request has been sent to the Lord, I always expect a response. I don’t dwell on it but I expect it. The answer always comes and sometimes it is a subtle whisper that I could miss easily. Therefore, it is important for us to spend time in prayer. Our spiritual ears are more open when we pray and when we isolate ourselves. It’s during those precious times that we get to know the Lord better. At times I get so deep into it that I feel no fear and no doubt. It is more than feelings. It is a knowing and a recognizing that the Lord is Lord. I get to a point where I am amazed by King Jesus and I see His majesty. He is supreme. He above anything and He can do anything even the things my mind tells me can’t happen.  Anything can happen with the Lord. Develop your faith in that first!


Have you ever walked on a bridge that looked like it could fall and collapse? That is what happens when we walk with doubt and fear in our backpack. When we don’t have that solid foundation in the Lord, the bridge will appear to be frail. The Lord is a solid bridge. He is solid and He will not collapse when you walk with Him. He is the bridge that will always take you to a blessing or a miracle. What He intends for you to be is a bridge for others. He wants you to help people cross over from doubt to faith. You have the potential to touch people’s lives when you have Jesus in your life. You can be that bridge that looks so sturdy that people will want to take a walk to the other side and believe. You can encourage and motivate others because you have the greatest motivator of all in you. There are a lot of people in your life who feel like they have burned the bridges to their breakthrough because of what they did in the past. Be that bridge that reconcile them to the Lord or that give them the glimmer of hope that they need. Be that shining light into the truth of the Word for those people who are lost in the world. Bridge the gap with your prayers. Bridge the gap by displaying your faith in the impossible made possible. Bridge the gap between the world and Jesus Christ!

Suggested reading: John 10:9; John 14:6; Acts 4:12


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