God makes things happen

I once heard a parent say that the best way he could explain what he does for a living to his kids was by telling them that he makes things happen for people. He was a lawyer. He said he helped people see their dreams come true even when things looked really bad. His job was to defend people and make good things happen for them. What I thought about right away is how this man was describing what the Lord does on a much greater scale. He is there to defend us and to make things happen. If you don’t see the Lord as Someone who makes things happen, I am inviting you today to rethink your perception of Him. I am not talking about just having it in your mind as a theory but believing it with your heart and knowing without a doubt that the Lord makes things happen and He can make things happen for you. God made the world happen. He made the resurrection happen. He made love happen. He made peace happen. He made joy happen. He still does make all these things happen. He puts life back into your dead situations. He blows peace into your seasons of chaos. He covers your sadness with a blanket of joy and suppresses your sorrow. Yes, the Lord makes things happen all the time and with your faith in the mix, He will make great things happen for you!


Faith is the hand that makes God’s hand move. It is the hand that we use to reach out and grab our miracles or our breakthrough. Faith believes despite the circumstances. It’s with the hand of faith that we can touch what’s invisible. My hand of faith is getting used to feeling the invisible and it gives my heart a clear idea of things that my mind can’t grasp. When God sees our hands stretched out, He makes things happen. He looks and says ‘Let me give My child what he/she has been waiting for. Let Me fill his/her hand with more than the eye can see.” Our faith activates the miracle process. Our faith makes things possible. God makes things happen and we can see Him operate in our lives on a daily basis with faith. Without faith we can’t connect with God. Even a small amount of faith helps us raise our hand to Heaven and hope for a sign, a miracle, a blessing. Raise your hand today as you are sitting in the classroom of life and ask the Lord for what you need. He is a loving teacher who will answer your questions and give you exactly what you need. He is also your advocate and He will stand in court and make sure you win. He is your defender. He will always make sure that justice is served in your life. Things will go wrong at times but He will right every wrong!


When nothing seems to be working out in your life, remember that the God who makes good things happen can move any mountains that might be in the way. He can’t be stopped and He can’t be conquered but He can stop the pain and He can conquer the mountains. You have the God who is not limited in any way on your side. Think about that! Overthinking won’t make things happen. Wishing for things to change will not make them happen. Talking about the issues over and over again won’t make things happen. God will make things happen for you like He has in the past. Nothing you can do will stop the flow of His love from reaching you. The things that seem impossible in your life will materialize when you put all your hopes in the Lord. He can make things happen within seconds or within years. Be patient but be in faith above all. Ask the Lord for assistance so you can stay in faith. Your situation is going to change thanks to the One who makes things happen. Dream of what you want to see change in your life. Dream big! Dream of the amazing things that God will do. They will happen. God is going to make good things happen in your life. God is your defender against all the attacks of the enemy. Stay encouraged!

Suggested reading: Psalm 77:14-20; 1 Timothy 6:15; 2 Peter 3:9



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