Who do you say God is?

I was reading an article the other day that talked about two words that some people consider to be the most powerful words that exist. The two words were “I am.” The author explained that those two words have power in them because they can be followed by anything and it is up to us to make sure that the words that follow them are words of power. We can say “I am strong”, “I am powerful” or “I am a child of God.” I find that those two words do have power but to me the two most powerful words are “God is.” I am who I am because of God. If I say that I am strong it’s because God is my strength. If I say that I am powerful, it’s because God has power and His power is available to me. I am who I am but God came first therefore “God is…” is more important than who I am. God defines me. I define myself according to how God made me. I love using the words “I am..” with boldness when I mention that God made me that way. However, I love talking about who God is before I talk about who I am. I found out years ago that it is better to talk about God first than to talk about ourselves first. There is a need for us to put God first. I love self-empowerment and self-improvement but I believe that I must first empower God so to speak and improve the way I talk about Him. It’s easy to define ourselves and tell the world who we are but who do we say God is? How do we present Him? How do we represent Him? How do we give Him credit for being who He is? Today I want you to think about who you say God is. Not just with your words but with your life. How does your life speak about who God is to you?


When everything is going well, we can talk about the goodness of God non-stop. We can sing His praises; we can shout a Hallelujah and we can thank Him for His greatness. We smile and we laugh and our attitudes speak volumes about God’s kindness. Our whole demeanor worships the Lord. Our words and our actions give Him the glory. When life is good like we say, so is God. When life is good, we want the world to hear about our amazing God. We can’t dance enough when a blessing lands on us. We can’t stop showing how happy we are. Now, when the going gets tough, our words and our actions tend to change. It’s human nature. We need time to digest the bad things that are taking place. We go into overthinking mode and our attitudes don’t say much about God’s goodness. It’s during the hard times that we should be defining God even more. It’s during those times that we should be singing and praising and thanking Him. Our actions should still speak volumes about His kindness. God is not defined by our circumstances. Our emotions and feelings don’t make Him a good God, a bad God or a neutral God. God is always the same and our goal should be to see Him the same and represent Him accurately in front of the world.


When we are faced with trials and tribulations, one way of getting out of our misery is to go over the “check-list” of who God is. I suggest having a list of “God is…” statements. Create that list based on what you read in the Bible about the Lord and who He is to you. You might say, “I am powerful” about yourself as a statement of self-empowerment but you need to say that God is more powerful than anyone else. Use as many superlatives and as many strong statements to describe God. Write a list that makes the Lord look like the Almighty God that He is. Make a list that exalts Him and that puts Him above anything in the world. It might sound like an exaggeration but it’s not. There are no words that could do Him justice so use the best words you have to describe the best Person around. Take out that list and read it out loud every day. Take it out on a rainy day and read it more than once. Sing it, shout it, let your fears hear it. God is who you say He is and if you don’t have a list, even a mental list of who He is, your mind will not be able to see Him for who He truly is and fear will sip in. God is only as big as you believe He is. Have faith in the powerful and loving God that He is. Let your life be a song to the world about how big God is. When people hear your song, they will be inspired or at least they will be exposed to who God is. Who do you say God is?


Suggested reading: Psalm 46:1-3; Isaiah 26:3-4; 2 Corinthians 12:9




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