A victory like no other

One way we can define God is by saying that He is a God of victory. God will always prevail and He always wins. We might not be aware of it and we might not keep it at the forefront of our thinking but He is a victorious God. What goes on in our lives can make us forget about our triumphant God but He remains unchanged. He won all battles that we will ever be in and that settles it. We know how it all ends. We know what the Bible has to say about the end times and how God comes our victorious. The thing is we don’t have to wait until the end to benefit from the fruit of the end. God won. Jesus won through the resurrection process so we would win as well. As children of God we are entitled to winning. I am not talking about winning against other people. I am talking about winning when there are wars being waged in the spiritual world and we are at the center of the wars. First, we need to remember that when we are engaged in a battle of faith, God is at the center of it all. We might feel like we are the ones having do to all the fighting but God is the Warrior who fights all our battles. Our fight of faith is real but the One behind the victory is always the Lord.


As we develop a closer relationship with the Lord, we understand how we are always winning because of Him. We can go to the Father in prayer and our requests become part of a conversation where we know that we will get what we need. We have the confidence that God already knows what we need and He will surely give us what we need. When that relationship is deep, we have no doubt and we don’t worry. We just talk to our Father and after a good talk with Him, we are filled with expectancy and joy. There is great joy attached to knowing that we will come out of the battles thanks to the Lord. The time of war will not always be pleasant but at least there will be peace in the Lord and we can go on with our lives trusting that it is going to be more than fine. Victory is written all over our hearts where the Lord is and it’s time we believed with our hearts instead of believing with our fears. The blood of Jesus bought our victory.


Revelation 12:11 deals with our victory thanks to the Lord. It says, “They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” It takes two things to gain sustainable victory; the blood of Jesus and our confession of faith. By the blood of the Lord we overcame the enemy. It is written in the past tense. It is done. It already happened. Now we bring it to life through the power of our words, through our testimony. Our words should testify to our faith in the Lord and what He did for us. Sometimes we have no trouble accepting what Jesus did and agreeing that there is power in His blood to conquer the enemy. Then what happens is our faith only goes as far as our words go and we choose words that scream doubt instead of words that support faith. What we say expresses what we believe. Let’s maintain what we believe in the Lord and speak faith in the blood of the Lamb. The goal is to sync our confession of faith with the power of the blood. Do you thank the Lord for His blood? Do you recognize the power of the blood? I thank the Lord for His blood and for His protection through the blood. The enemy hates the blood of Jesus and acknowledging that we are covered by the blood makes him very uncomfortable. That is why he tries to stop us from speaking and from sharing our testimony. Let’s have audacious faith and the boldness to declare that we have victory through the blood of the Lord. It’s a victory like no other! Jesus won it all!

Suggested reading: Acts 20:28; Ephesians 1:7; Revelation 12:11


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