The right time will come

I watched a soccer game yesterday. The team I was rooting for was losing for a while and things didn’t look too good for them. Then all of a sudden, things turned around. They scored goal after goal and they ended up winning 8-4. It was as if something got activated in the air that allowed them to do well. They scored 3 goals in less than five minutes. Some of the spectators said that luck kicked in. I think the players got motivated and they wanted to win more than anything. It made me think about how in life we can go through a series of bad episodes and then suddenly something seems to kick in. With the Lord it’s not about luck. It’s about His grace and His mercy. There is a plan and during that plan there are set times for set blessings. When those blessings come, they can feel like something good kicked in.


God’s plan for your life is unfolding as we speak and your set blessings are bound to happen.  Nothing and no one can stop them from coming to you. God has already scheduled them and they will be right on time. God has a schedule for you that most likely looks very different from your own schedule. How can you get on the same page? God won’t change His schedule to accommodate yours. He is God. He’s got everything figured out. To get on His schedule all you must do is trust Him and believe Him. During bad times and good times your trust in the Lord will make a difference. Today I want to encourage you to rely on God’s schedule for your life. If something is not happening yet, it simply means that it’s not God’s time for it yet. God’s time is the perfect time. God’s time is always the right time!


People say that timing is everything and I agree with that. I would say though that God’s timing is everything. It can be a mystery. It can involve a lot of waiting but waiting on the Lord is never waiting in vain. You see, God loves the process and the wait. He is the most patient One. He is patient with you and me and everyone else in the world. That requires a whole lot of patience. His desire is for us to develop the fruit of patience. It is such a hard fruit to grow. Yet it is a fruit that we can have because we have the Lord in us. He would never give us anything that we can’t manage without Him. When we stay in the Lord, we stay in the realm of all possibilities and we stay in the realm of patience. We might need to die to ourselves a little more and let Him grow in us more. When He grows and we shrink so to speak, anything can happen. Greater is the One that He is in us than anyone and anything that is in this world. Greater is the patience that is in us through Him than the impatience that is rampant in this world.


The Lord says that for everything there is a season. He knows when that season will come. He knows when bad things will come and when good things will come but those times don’t change Him one bit. They don’t strip Him of His power and they don’t give Him a better title. If we could get to the point where we had the confidence that even in bad times, God is still good, we would win many mental battles. When bad things happen, we can’t see the good in God at times. Bad things taint our visions. I want to be the kind of believer who never sees God through the colors of my circumstances. I want to see Him the way He is all the time. I want to understand His timing. I want to accept His timing. God has times for you and me that are just the perfect times and we need to embrace that. Too early can be harmful and too late can be bad. Everything that happens in our lives is right on time according to the Lord. Let’s get on that page. Let’s be on the page where the Lord is the author and we are His muse. He has written beautiful passages about us. Everything He writes in our lives has the perfect time stamp on it. Let’s wait patiently and let’s enjoy the process. God is in the process and not just in the final product. Your time will come for your next blessing. God’s time will come. The right time will come. Stay patient in the Lord!

Suggested reading:  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; Proverbs 15:23; Proverbs 16:9


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