10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 91)

Replace your prayers of whining and complaining with songs of praise and adoration.

Keep having faith in the God of the impossible and He will sustain your biggest dreams. Don’t be afraid to dream. Let your faith give you ideas that are bigger than your mind.

One bad apple in a fruit basket doesn’t mean that all the fruits are bad. Your mistake is surrounded by good deeds and good fruit. Focus on the rest of the basket. God has put some good fruits in your life. Remember that!

The Lord will display His love in your life in ways you have never seen before when you stay in faith and you stick it out despite the display of hate and evil in this world.

The truth of the Lord remains and it is His truth that brings freedom and that brings light. Pursue His truth and you will pursue freedom!

Two people who agree in the Lord are building a bridge that is hard to break. Find that person who will bridge the gap in prayer with you.

Cold seasons can leave you feeling defeated. The Lord has warmth for you that will keep you comfortable during the worst seasons. Stay close to Him and you will never be cold in the worst winters.

The power of the cross is the power that changed the world forever. Let’s not forget that the power who raised Jesus from the dead is here to help you raise a Hallelujah when everything seems dead. Nothing is more powerful than the power of the Lord!

Peace is like a drop in a bucket of noise. It taints the whole bucket and changes its color from loud to beautiful, from dark to light and from stress to serenity.

Keep climbing the stairs of joy. God is pushing you up and not down. You are not going back to sadness. Don’t look back. God is taking you all the way up to where joy is your new habitation!

Suggested reading: Psalm 9:9-10; Psalm 34:10; 2 Thessalonians 3:3

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