Keeping up with the Holy Spirit

As believers we have the honor of hosting the Holy Spirit. Jesus sent His Spirit so He would stay in us and with us. First Jesus died and rose again giving us salvation which is an undeserved gift. Then He sent His Spirit for us to have His companionship all the time. This second gift is the gift that keeps on giving. His second gift validates the first one and gives Him glory. The Holy Spirit in us always wants to glorify the Lord and He will always point us in Jesus’ direction. He helps us see Him for who He is and reverence Him. The Word of God invites us to “keep in step with the Spirit.” It’s an invitation that sometimes gets lost in the mail when we are too busy keeping up with the world. What does it mean “to keep in step with the Holy Spirit”? It means to stay in line with Him, to acknowledge Him in all our ways, to let Him take precedence in our lives and to be a good host of His presence. Today I want to encourage you to keep up with the Holy Spirit. Follow His lead. Host Him. Let Him become the host of your temple and let Him guide you and teach you every day.


When we have a visitor in our house, we do our best to make him/her feel welcome. We prepare our place and set it up so that our guest can feel at home. What makes them feel at home? If we know the guest well, we know what they like and what will make them feel comfortable. We then make sure that the conditions of their stay will reflect our acknowledgment of what they like and what makes them happy. If our guest doesn’t like peanuts, we won’t serve them peanuts. If they enjoy a certain type of music, we could play that music for them. A good host will always take good care of his/her guests. Are we spending time finding out what the Holy Spirit likes? Are we making sure He is staying in conditions that He enjoys? Are we serving peanuts when He would rather have almonds? I am exaggerating but you get my point. The Holy Spirit is gentle and humble. He is the incarnation of love and of all pure and holy traits. He is patient. He is giving. He is full of joy and full of peace. We can’t host peace when our house is louder than a concert hall and when chaos is in every room. However, we can invite peace to come in when we rely on the Spirit to bring peace. It’s important to know that the Spirit of the Lord will enter any home but it’s our duty to keep up with who He is so He can stay.


Let’s say you have welcomed the Spirit of God into your temple and the next day you decide to invite loud guests that are only focused on destruction and self-deprecation. You might not know what those guests are all about but they lured you with their attractive appearance. Once they are in, chaos ensues. Their presence will jive with the presence of the Lord to the point where you won’t be aware of His presence. This happens way too often when we get seduced by what the world has to offer and we give the world a big room in our house leaving the Spirit in a corner. The key is to keep up with the Holy Spirit by letting Him take control of our house. How do we do that? Prayer is crucial. Communicating with Him is primordial. Celebrating Jesus and praising Him is a must. Adopting and demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit is critical. The Spirit will give you a tender nudge and tell you to show love. He will gently tap you on the shoulder and indicate that you should stay in peace. When you follow His promptings, you are keeping up with Him. Listen to your guest and make Him the host. You will never go wrong when you keep up with the Spirit of God!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:26; Galatians 5:25; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20


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