Relying on God’s understanding is the key to a good life

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding “(Proverbs 3:5). How many times have I read this verse and felt like God was talking to me directly? It would be too hard to try to count the number of times that verse has spoken truth into my life. It is a great reminder and it readjusts our spiritual backbone when we meditate on it. They key is to be able to delineate what our understanding is versus the Lord’s. Do you ever wonder if you are following the Lord’s instructions or if you are just following your own mind? God’s understanding is described in His Word and the Holy Spirit gives it meaning. We can read the Bible with our own understanding and completely miss the mark. We could live our lives relying on our understanding and completely miss God’s messages for our lives. What happens when we rely on ourselves to make it in life? Our paths can be crooked and our journey can be hazardous. Today I want to encourage you to take that verse to heart, meditate on it and let God direct your life. Lean on God’s understanding. Let Him make sense of your life. Relying on God’s understanding is the key to a successful life. Use God’s key in everything you do and door after door will open for you!


I used to react to life with my own understanding. I used to try my best to get by on my own. I used to look for solutions without consulting anyone but my own mind. I would spend countless hours in a cycle of overthinking and I would get exhausted. I would do what I thought was best. It would work sometimes but I fell flat on my face many times. Then I found out about the book of Proverbs and my life was enlightened. The wisdom in that book was amazing. I decided to use it as a practical foundation for life. I prayed over it and I discovered some hidden meanings that helped me navigate through some tough decisions. When I was made aware of the role of the Holy Spirit in our approach to the Bible, my life changed. Praying was no longer about just asking but it was about listening. God had a clear understanding about life and I had to get on board with His understanding, with His mind. The entire Bible became a source of wisdom for me and the Spirit of God was my navigator, my guide.


We all are on a path. We all walk and walk and most of us hope that we are walking the way we should be walking. We can walk hand in hand with God. We can walk hand in hand with the world or with the enemy. We can walk on our own. When we walk on our own it’s usually a recipe for disaster or for being misled because the enemy takes advantage of the situation easily. Walking alone with no defenses is dangerous. It’s like relying on our own understanding. We can be vulnerable and the enemy will jump into our weak moments easily. Let’s strive to walk with God and keep a firm grip on His hand. Let’s walk with Him and talk to Him the whole time. Let’s “walk the God walk” and talk the God talk. When we walk the God walk, we listen a lot. We seek His face and His wisdom. Those walks take us far. God makes our path straight when we rely on Him. “What is the Lord saying about my situation?” is a great question to ask ourselves. God always knows better. God will always lead us to the best. Commit to relying on the Lord all week. Forget about your own understanding and give in to His. You will see things shape up nicely in your life and doors are going to open in ways you have never seen before. Rely on the Lord!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 3:5-6; Proverbs 16:3; James 1:5


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