Keeping a grateful heart is the best way to live

Do you ever thank God for waking up in the morning? Do you ever thank God for the air you breathe? Do you ever thank God for your meals? What does your gratitude toward God look like? I must admit that I still have work to do in the gratitude department but yesterday felt like the perfect day to be grateful for the tiniest things. Why? I realized that God gives us a lot but there is a lot we take for granted. I am the kind of person who likes new things, new thrills, new adventures but I need to look at what I have more and see the thrill in everything. There is so much I can celebrate now. I believe that faith gives us the eyes to see what we have in addition to seeing what we don’t have yet. It gives us hope but it also gives us appreciation. It sees God for who He is and who He is is truly amazing. Our faith can help us celebrate the things that we would never celebrate if we lived outside of faith. Faith and love are two amazing ingredients that result in gratitude. We cannot ignore God for His goodness and if His goodness is all we see, let it be what we are grateful for.


I told a friend yesterday that I was going to have a celebration in the evening. I just wanted to celebrate Jesus for His goodness. I wanted to say “thank You” for who He was. I had no specific reason and no incentive to thank Him other than to say that I loved Him. I had been feeling funky earlier in the day and I needed to shake it off with some good praise time. I find gratitude to be a great remedy for the blues. Finding things to be grateful for is a great exercise that truly opens our eyes to the richness of our lives in Christ. Take the smallest things in your life and thank the Lord for them. God is in the big picture but He is also in the tiniest details. He cares about every part of our lives even the water we drink and the socks we wear. I know it sounds funny but He is the God of everything and He can provide everything. What we take for granted can be a great source of joy for others. Let’s not take anything for granted and let’s keep the joy and the passion alive for what God is doing in our lives. When the passion of a grateful heart, dullness finds a way into our lives.


Our lives in Christ were never meant to be dull and if you are going through a dull season, it’s time you revived your spirit and started a spiritual revival again. The revival is in your praises. It’s in your thanksgiving and in your joy. Reviving means to give life again. Gratitude gives life. It opens the door to more blessings. The Bible encourages us to always be thankful and to keep a grateful heart. There should be a flow of thanksgiving coming from our hearts instead of a river of complaints. Whining will not take us to the heart of God but it will drive us to the den of the enemy where negativity reigns. When we align our words with thanksgiving, we align them with God’s will and He increases the giving! God’s grace is a great reason to live a life of thanksgiving. His grace is larger than life and we are blessed to have it in our lives.


Keeping a grateful heart is the best way to live because it connects us to the heart of God. From His heart comes an abundance of love, peace and joy. We can’t stop being joyful when we are constantly thanking Him for something. Let’s thank the Lord for what we have and let’s thank Him for what’s to come. Let’s call our future blessings by name and thank the Lord for them. Let’s keep an open heart to God’s love and what He is planning on doing for us. I pray that you continue to have a heart that says thanks to the Lord all day!


Suggested reading: Psalm 7:17; Hebrews 12:28; Colossians 4:2


2 thoughts on “Keeping a grateful heart is the best way to live

  1. Our family wakes up everyday thankful for the warmth of this motel room, a soft bed and having enough to eat. After so many years of not having those things gratitude has become infused into every part of our being. Only God could pull us through that much trial and suffering and provide for us everything we need. The only way we know how to be anchored in gratitude is to have suffered absence for so long. That does wonders in killing an ungrateful nature.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith

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