Collecting tears from the world one teardrop at a time

When I was praying the other day, I had a vision of my classroom. There was no one in it except for one tall person who wasn’t sitting at a desk. He was standing in the back-left corner and He kept asking me questions. He raised His hand and asked questions like “What are you going to do today to make a difference?” He pointed out people in my life that were in distress and asked what I was doing to help them. That Person was the Lord. I didn’t see His face but I could tell who He was. He was challenging me with His questions but He was redirecting my heart. My prayers had to be more focused on certain people and He was guiding me through that process. Then I heard deep down inside “collecting tears from the world one teardrop at a time.” God sees every tear. God sees all the suffering. He takes the teardrops and He dries them up. He takes the suffering and He replaces it with healing. He was bringing my attention to the tears of people in my life. He was telling me to collect their tears. How? By acknowledging the suffering around me and presenting it to Him. We can’t ignore the tears of the world. We can’t be blind to the suffering. Compassion and empathy are crucial elements in the heart of every Christian and I was given a lesson on empathy.


I was the teacher in my vision and the Lord was in my classroom but He took on the role of instructor. I was learning from Someone who appeared to be a student but who stood out by His wisdom and His instruction. I have had many experiences where I have learned from my students and this was a similar experience but amplified. God was emphasizing the need for compassion and for loving the world. How often do we see tears around us? They are not always visible but they are there. There are people crying in private that need our attention. There are tears flooding the streets of our neighborhoods but when we stand in a dry place where joy is a daily guest, we might miss the tears. I don’t want to think of my friends, my family or people I interact with as people whose tears have drowned their happiness but it does happen. It happens more than I know. Today I want to invite you to “collect the tears” around you and give them to the Lord. Collect the tears one by one and trust that the Lord is going to take care of each and every one of them. Be that “tear collector” who is there to give peace and bring a smile back on the face of a sad world.


The idea of collecting implies putting things aside and keeping them. Here we are actually encouraged to collect stories of sad moments, collect experiences that reflect pain and take those events to the Lord in prayer. We are not going to hold on to them but we are going to keep them in our prayers for some time and have faith that the Lord is drying the tears. We can cry with the distraught ones and we can share their pain but we can’t stay in the pain and the sorrow. Compassion is necessary because it indicates that we are moved. We can’t pray for others effectively if we are not touched by their stories. God rewrites stories when we submit them to Him with a sensitive heart. He is moved by our compassion and He will move mountains because of our prayers said in faith. The tears that are surrounding you will end. The tears that are in your life will stop. The Lord carried every tear on the cross and the pain died when He came back to life. Let’s be compassionate prayer warriors who remind the tears of what Jesus did on the cross. Let’s engage in restoring the ones who have so many tears that they can’t see clearly now. Let’s collect the suffering one drop at a time. Let’s reintroduce hope into the lives of those whose tears have become their lives. God has a solution for every tear, a message of hope for every person and a love larger than life for this sobbing world. Let’s reconnect the world to a smile of peace in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Psalm 56:8; Luke 6:21; Revelation 21:4


2 thoughts on “Collecting tears from the world one teardrop at a time

  1. Just a point to ponder. The fact that you could not see His face is very telling. This means there is room for growth in intimacy. I would strongly encourage you to ask Him about the reason for that in depth. There is much more for you to behold than you are currently seeing.

    Homer Les
    Uncompromising Faith

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