How to overcome overthinking

I am not an expert at overcoming overthinking but like most people I am very good at overthinking. I know what it looks like and I know what it feels like. I also know that it’s not how our minds should be occupied. They should be focusing on the Lord, on good and pure things and not on negative thoughts and memories that are being played on repeat. Overthinking never leads to good solutions. Overthinking won’t help us in the long run but it appears to be our default setting when facing problems. One of the biggest problems, with overthinking is that it magnifies an issue and gives it precedence over God. The issue is given the throne of our minds and it sits there reigning over our lives. It does happen. It’s not always the case but it does take over our lives. That issue seems to be more prominent at night and it’s still there waiting for us when we wake up. Anything that takes up more space than the Lord in our thinking is something that needs to be dealt with. Today I want to encourage you to get ahold of your thinking and delete the thoughts that don’t serve you, that don’t glorify the Lord and that keep you captive.


When God is pushed to the side in our thinking, joy, peace and love are also pushed to the side. All the goodness and kindness of the Lord are minimized and it takes a toll on our spiritual framework. Thoughts have a way of dominating the rest of our being and when love and faith are given a backseat in our minds, they can’t manifest properly in our spirits. Have you ever tried to love someone when your mind is saturated with how much that person “has wronged” you? It is pretty challenging isn’t it? A clear mind gives us a clear vision and when our minds are fogged by negative thoughts, our vision is far from being clear. What I am explaining is that when we are dealing with overthinking, we need to look at how it’s impacting the Lord in us. Let’s look at how detrimental it is to our spiritual backbone. Let’s focus on how it distances us from God and we will realize that we must do something about it. Overthinking is a thief. It steals the place of the Lord in our lives and it brings a host of negative agents that keep us from exalting the Lord the way we should.


I have found that what I say out loud and what I hear myself say out loud often trumps my thoughts. If what I am saying is based on God’s Word and inspired by the Lord, it puts a dent in the negative thinking. The Bible says that faith comes from hearing. Hearing should come from the Word of God. I am inviting you to speak up against overthinking. Speak the Word of God over the situation that is keeping you in a mental jail. Give yourself a pep talk. Give yourself some encouragement. Give yourself a chance to hear the truth and to put the negative chatter back in its place. It doesn’t belong in you. It should be in a trash after you have pushed delete many times with your encouraging words. Singing helps a lot too. Sing and praise the Lord out loud. Let yourself hear words that are embedded in the presence of the Lord. Overthinking doesn’t like the Lord. Any negativity is not a fan of the Lord. Your songs of praise are songs of victory that will defeat the negative thinking. Now, keep in mind that overthinking is relentless so you also must be relentless with your words and your singing. Be louder than your thoughts in the name of Jesus. It’s your confession of faith that will help you overcome what’s trying to overcome you on the inside! You can overcome overthinking. Don’t get discouraged. The Lord will help you get control of your thoughts when you give Him priority in all you do. Work with the Holy Spirit. He will help you renew your mind as you keep hearing the Word of God!

Suggested reading: Psalm 51:10-12; Matthew 11:29; Romans 12:2


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