The bad seasons of life are not bigger than God

Try this experiment. Next time it is cloudy or rainy where you are, try to picture a sunny sky and beautiful weather. Try to see blue skies and imagine nice temperatures. It’s not that easy. Yesterday was cloudy and rainy and I tried to look for the sun in my mind. Getting a vision of a beautiful sky was a bit challenging. What helped me was remembering that above the clouds there is better, there is more. The sun is always there but there is a layer of grey and gloom that separates us from the sun at times. The clouds and the rain don’t change the sun. They don’t make it non-existent. When you are going through a cloudy season, keep in mind that Jesus, the Son of God is above the clouds. He is above your situation. He is beyond it but He is also with you. He is not like the sun. The sun doesn’t accompany you when things are dark but the Son of Man does. Today I want to encourage you to keep your eyes on the Son no matter what weather pattern you are experiencing. Stay strong in your faith. The Lord is not leaving you. He will never leave you. When darkness is around you, God is inside you. When clouds are on the horizon, the Lord is surrounding you. There is no storm that can rain on your parade when you are aware of the One who stops the rain. Your rainy season is temporary. God is eternal!


When all is well, celebrating the Lord is easy. Sometimes we can get too comfortable and not pay attention to Him too much when all is going well. I used to rejoice in the Lord during happy times and then sort of disconnect from Him because everything was fine. I would ignore Him and then run back to Him when things got chaotic again. Spending time with the Son when the sun is bright is a great foundation for times when there is no sun. The same Jesus you enjoy in the sun is there when it’s raining around you. The problem is that you might be focusing on how wet you are getting and how bad the weather is. God will dry you up in no time. He will keep you warm and He will brighten your day. Develop a relationship with Him that weathers any storm. Get to know Him during the summer and continue to get to know Him in the winter. Have a connection where you know how to listen to Him and you know how to seek His face. Don’t let your environment define your Savior. Let your Savior define your environment. For Him the sun is always shining. For Him clouds don’t change a thing. For Him the rain is not a problem. For Him joy and peace have no expiration date. For Him you can have the best time in the middle of what looks like the worst time.


The Lord is like an umbrella. He will protect you from the rain. He will keep you from getting soaked and He will stand with you wherever you go. Your job is to hold on to Him. Hold Him up above your head like an umbrella. Let Him take the rain for you. Let Him face the wetness for you. He is invincible and He can deal with any weather conditions. The umbrella that is protecting you is your refuge and your shield and as long as you are using it, nothing can get to you. When you panic and let go of the umbrella, the rain will come but remember that God has mercy and He can cover you even when you are not turning to Him for help. Don’t let the clouds scare you. They will not spoil your joy unless you let them. How you react to your circumstances is more important than the circumstances themselves. No weapon forged against you shall prosper. No rain forming above you shall prosper. Your challenging times are going to be challenged by the Lord when you stand up in faith and choose to praise. The bad seasons will show up but your God will always be there. The bad seasons of life are never bigger than our God. God can change your season in no time. The rainy season is about to dry up. Start praising in the rain. Start singing in the rain. A season of blue skies and sun is on its way. Hold on to your umbrella!

Suggested reading: Deuteronomy 31:6; 1 Corinthians 10:13; 2 Thessalonians 3:3


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