When you need to cry out to God

I greatly enjoy reading the book of Psalms. I like how David is so vulnerable and so raw in some of the psalms he wrote. He is open and he is sincere. He doesn’t mind revealing his weaknesses and crying out to God. How often do we cry out to God with an earnest heart? How often do we turn to Him and present our shortcomings and our weaknesses to Him? David is an inspiration. He is a great example to follow when it comes to surrendering to God. His heart was wide open to the One who saved him. He knew that God wouldn’t turn a deaf ear to his cries. He knew that the God of mercy would have mercy on him. He knew God and that allowed him to be susceptible to emotional roller coasters in front of the Lord. He declared his joy and he confessed his sorrows. Today I want to invite you to follow in David’s footsteps and be vulnerable with the Lord. Let your heart soften and let your guard down. The Lord can see your heart but He wants you to open it completely to Him. A closed heart is a heart that can’t receive from God. A closed heart is a heart that can’t understand God. A closed heart is a heart that says no to God. Say yes today with your whole heart. Don’t hide behind the walls of a hardened heart.


This invitation to being vulnerable is for all of us. I catch myself hardening my feelings against the truth at times and the Holy Spirit gently reminds me that He knows my heart and I need to look at what’s going on on the inside. When my heart gets defensive, I am not being a good host of the Spirit of God. Being defensive to the point where we can’t crack a smile is a subtle rejection of God’s love and peace. There were times when I said to myself that I was right about being closed off and I wouldn’t want to listen to other ways of thinking. This often happened when I was hurt or I was sad and I just wanted to indulge in that state of sadness and carry the hurt. God would tell me that I was loved and I didn’t want to hear it. I wanted my pain to be louder than love and I wanted to nurse it until it ruined my days. That is not a way to live. Finding comfort in what destroys us is way too common but it doesn’t make it right. What is rare can often be the right thing. A rare act of kindness, a rare burst of peace, a rare streak of joy is always the right thing to look for. The fact that they don’t happen on a regular basis doesn’t mean that they are not what we shouldn’t be longing for. The truth that lies in those attributes from the Lord is greater than the lies that are contained in the pain caused by the enemy. Pain is real but it’s not our final destination. When we start from a place of vulnerability and we let our hearts be invaded by God’s love and His wisdom, we find a place where blessings will abound.


I like to say that a cry out to God is the start of wisdom. It is a wise thing to do. It is not only a declaration of vulnerability but it is also a sign of surrender. It is a powerful spiritual statement. It is a statement of dependence. It is recognizing that we are nothing without God and that He is the King and we need the King. If you don’t know how to let yourself go and cry out to God, you can read some of the psalms. Read them and ask the Spirit of God to unveil their truth to you. Let them speak to your heart, let them express your heart. Let go of what is keeping you from opening up. Let yourself be seen for who you are. Be in that vulnerability before God. Being vulnerable is being true to oneself and being true to ourselves when talking to God is the best way to be. Cry out and let your heart hear your tears. Cry out and let God wipe the tears. Cry out and let your fears disappear. Cry out and be real with yourself. Cry out and find mercy. Cry out and find peace. Cry out and find love again. Cry out and be the person the Lord has meant for you to be. Cry out and be all you can be. Cry out and know that He is God!

Suggested reading: Psalm 28:6; Psalm 118:5; 1 Peter 3:12


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