The space between you and God

During prayer one day the Lord showed me that I had to be mindful of how much space I allowed between Him and me. He talked to me about filling the gap and not letting space get in the way of my relationship with Him. We get so busy and so caught up with life that it’s easy for us to build mountains that fill up the space. When the mountains of busyness are in place, there is a lot of space that keeps us away from God. Space starts when we don’t make time to pray and to seek the Lord’s face. Space is distance and distance leads to alienation. We alienate God with the space we put between Him and us. There is a danger attached to that space because it becomes a habit that ends up being hard to break. Before we know it, we are so far from God that we can’t see Him anymore. Space is not something we should ever build in our relationship with God. The closer we are to Him, the better. Do you see space between you and the Lord? Are you aware of it? What does your mountain of space look like? Today I want to help you address those questions and bring awareness to something that is more common than we think.


People drift apart when they don’t have time to see each other. When they don’t have time for each other, the lines of communications are compromised. Communication falls apart and so does the relationship. The key to strong relationships is communication. Being on the same page helps tremendously. When we get off God’s page and we go to places that keep us far from Him, we run the risk of seeing our relationship fall apart. Not having the time to talk to God is harmful to our spiritual health. I think it is more crucial than we like to admit. We think that we will catch God at church on Sunday or we will say the occasional prayer when we have time. It doesn’t work that way. If we don’t make the effort to hear from God, we will not be able to recognize His voice after a while. Lack of communication with God turns into lack of recognition. We become numb to His calling and unresponsive to His directions. He may be speaking to us but all we hear is a language that we once spoke but that now sounds foreign. Whatever we put before God has the potential of creating a space that distances us from God. People, work, events and other elements that are prioritized over God can all turn into “idols” that take the place of the Lord.


Every time there is space between us and the Lord, it gets filled up with something and it is rarely something that brings us back to God. It serves the unfortunate purpose of steering us away from God. If we look at all the things and all the people that take up most of our time, we will see that there is a need to redistribute our time and our priorities. I am not saying that we should spend 12 hours in prayer and not talk to anyone. I am saying that we should live our lives as close to God as possible by imitating Him and acknowledging Him in all we do. That Sunday check-in is not enough. The Bible study that comes around once every three months is not enough. The praise and worship music we listen to without engaging with it is not enough. We ought to be active for God and with God. We need to be vested and ready to spend quality time with the Lord. Pray about the space. Pray that the space is revealed to you and ask the Holy Spirit to assist you so that you can bridge that gap with more of God and not with less of Him. Find out what your mountains of space look like and tear them down. Let your faith move those mountains and get closer to God again. Work on that space and diligently get rid of it. It’s one of my goals and I hope you join me in the pursuit of no more space. Let’s be as close to the Lord as we can be!

Suggested reading: Psalm 65:4; Hebrews 4:8; James 4:8

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