Things are going to get much better

Sometimes all you need to hear is that it is going to be fine. Sometimes all you need to know is that you have nothing to worry about because things are going to turn around. Sometimes all you need is to see is the truth and the truth is that God is still supreme. He still reigns. He is still on the throne and your current predicament cannot challenge His majesty. God is going to do something for you that will change the course of your life. He is going to shatter the window of misery that has been forming in your life preventing you from going outside and enjoying life. Trials keep us in structures that are similar to prisons. I call them “window jails” because you are trapped inside but you can see what’s going on on the outside. You can see other people leading great lives and enjoying themselves while you are a prisoner of your problems. God can break any window and set you free. He is going to bring a peace that you have never felt before. He is going to make a change that is so strong that your mind is going to be blown away by how powerful He is. Your current situation is not permanent. Your problem will not last forever. You haven’t lost. You are going to win. You are not defeated. You are going to rise again. You are not alone. God is on your side. You are not doomed. You are blessed.  Hang on a little longer. Something good is coming your way. The answers to your prayers are about to materialize. Stay in faith. The best is yet to come!


There is power in believing and trusting God despite our circumstances. Getting to that level of confidence in God is a worthy goal in life. God has helped believers increase their faith. I can tell you that God is no respecter of persons and He can bless you the way He blessed people in the Bible. Feed your faith the bread of life that is in the Word of God. Start there. Get it inside your spirit and let it make your faith stronger. It’s with your faith and through your faith that you are going to make it in the hard times. The stronger your faith in Jesus, the more blessings you will see. Mercy and grace will sprinkle joy, peace and breakthroughs on the way but it is your faith that will part the seas and cause miracles. Attack your greatest fears with a greater dose of faith. Don’t neglect the fears that are trying to make you doubt God. They are meant to separate you from your blessings. Fears are thieves. Get the Lord involved when dealing with fears and you will get justice. The thieves will be arrested and you will gain back the joy that had been stolen. You might fear that things are not going to get better but that lie must be put to rest. Things are going to get better and better in Jesus’s name. Impress that upon your heart and engrave it on your mind. With God we go from glory to glory and not from glory to worry.


Things are going to get better. It is a promise from the Lord. If you are looking for those exact words in the Bible now, know that they are all over the Word of God in many different forms. Think about the sequence of events in the Word. Humanity was lost. God sent His Son. Jesus came and taught a Gospel of love and of power. Jesus was crucified and all seemed lost. He came back from the dead and settled the issue of death and eternal perdition for good. Things were very bad before He came to the world. Things seemed extremely bad when He died and then everything changed and things were better than we could have imagined. Turn to God now and trust that you are going to go through a resurrection process where all the joy, hope, love and peace you had will be brought back to life. With Jesus, things can only get better. It is going to happen to you. You are going to have a blessing so big that it will feel like you died and came back to life. Don’t lose hope. God has everything covered. Keep on trusting and keeping on believing. Your blessing is on its way. Things are going to get much better!

Suggested reading: Psalm 34:4; Psalm 46:1-3; 2 Thessalonians 3:3

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