Winning the battle against worry

Worry and faith don’t sit well together. They don’t get along. They can’t spend time together without one of them having the upper hand. Worry has a stronghold on many people. It is glorified and well-accepted. It feels normal and it feels human. We sometimes use the feelings that come with worry as an excuse. We use the feelings to justify why worry is welcomed into our lives. We might not be doing it consciously but we get into that worry mode easily because it feels comfortable and it even feels right. How strange it is not to worry! It is not what the world knows. It is not natural and yet the Lord tells us that we should banish worry. Worry shouldn’t be our companion. We must go through a divorce process with worry. It won’t feel normal and it won’t be easy but one of our goals in life should be to live worry-free. Impossible you might think? Nothing is impossible with God and if we are to believe that truth, we need to include a worry-free life as part of that package. Living without worry is possible in the name of Jesus. We don’t dare to go there because we think we must get there on our own and in our own power being free from worry seems unattainable. I have news for you and me. God is never worried. He doesn’t have an ounce of worry in Him and we can be like Him as we develop our faith in living worry-free through Him.

As you know, worry is the opposite of faith. Without faith we can’t please God. It doesn’t mean that God doesn’t like us if we don’t have faith.
I see this more as a way of stating that without faith we can’t know God. If we don’t believe in Him how can we see Him? Since faith is crucial for knowing God, the enemy will do his best to make sure that we live in worry and fear and not in faith. He knows very well that worry is the opposite of faith and that worry alienates us from God. When we worry, we can’t see God clearly. When we worry, we think that we have to take care of everything ourselves and we see our limitations so we lose confidence. Worry works at chipping away our faith. It serves a terrible purpose that pleases the opposition. Lying in bed at night worrying about the details of our lives is how the enemy keeps us captive in the bubble of worry. It’s like I said before a bubble that is way too familiar so the first step to get it away from us is to reject it and see it as something not acceptable.

We need to go through a change of heart when it comes to worry. We need to denounce it and rebuke it every time it pops up.
We need to reject it and see it for what it is. It is not helping us. It is not comforting us. It is not motivating us. It is pointing us in the wrong direction. Let’s think of worry as a “God-robber.”  It wants to steal God from us. It wants to take Him away from us and leave us with minimal defenses. Worry is a thief and we can’t put up with being robbed blind all the time. Let’s build up “resentment” so to speak against worry. Let’s make it unfamiliar and let’s quarantine it. A good way to do it is by declaring out loud how we feel about worry. Tell worry that it doesn’t belong in you. Tell worry that it is a liar. Tell worry that it has no power over you because you have the power of the Lord in you. Tell worry that greater is the One who is in you than the one that gives worry its power. Tell worry to worry because your faith is in the One who died on the cross, rose again and defeated all the powers of darkness. Be relentless when it comes to rebuking worry. Be diligent when it comes to building up your faith. Get in the Word. Pray often. Praise all the time. Let your faith grow and it will push worry off the bench so you can enjoy some quality time with the Lord. You can live worry-free. Start the process. The Holy Spirit is going to help you. Worry will have no say in your mind and faith will do all the talking in your head. Stay encouraged. You can do this in Jesus’ name!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 12:25; Philippians 4:6-7; 2 Thessalonians 3:16

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