Finding peace in the middle of chaos

I love how God is a God of peace. He is for peace; He gives peace and He promotes peace. Anything that doesn’t connect us to peace is not from God. If we find ourselves in situations that don’t bring us peace, we must re-evaluate things and find peace again. Chaotic situations are void of God. God doesn’t like chaos and He doesn’t create it. Peace is what we can always except from the Lord. When God speaks, peace speaks. When God does something for us, peace is involved. When God’s love is in our hearts, peace is there as well. I have seen people act in the name of love but their actions produced very little peace. People have used religion to justify their agenda that doesn’t have peace on any of its pages. God cannot be dissociated from peace.


God would never treat anyone in a way that doesn’t demonstrate peace. Peace of mind is what God wants us to have. Peace of mind is a more valuable than gold. Wouldn’t you like to have peace of mind instead of all the money in the world and no peace at all? When I was younger, I thought differently but now I understand that peace is what I should be after and not the mighty dollar. Peace of mind allows us to have clarity and clarity gives us a better picture of God. It’s hard to see God when we have a chaotic mind. When our minds are cluttered with confusion, God gets lost in the shuffle. We can have peace. As children of God we are entitled to peace. Today I want to encourage you to pursue peace of mind and to desire it more than material goods, more than anything that can end up blocking peace in your life.


The Bible invites us to be at peace with everyone including ourselves. Peace within is crucial. It helps us give peace to others. If we have a constant battle in our minds and we can’t find peace, how can we effectively live in peace with others? We need to work on finding peace and maintaining it. Think about how powerful it is to find peace or to have peace in the middle of chaos. The enemy doesn’t like it. He would love for us to be dragged into turmoil and stay there. He can’t stand peace and if he can get us to live outside pf peace, he can mess up our spiritual equilibrium. Keeping us off balance is one of his goals. A balanced Christian is a dangerous Christian according to him. We ought to be dangerous through Christ so to speak. We can be so dangerous that the devil flees every time we take a step forward. When we wake up in the morning with peace and we are determined to keep it all day, it sounds like bad news to the enemy. Let him hear it. Let him hear the news that you have peace in the Lord and you are going to maintain it by the power of the Holy Spirit. Find peace every day and let it make your day. Find peace every day and let the devil run away. Find peace in the Lord and your mind will be strong and ready to align with faith.


The only way to find peace in the middle of chaos is to turn to the Lord. He gives peace that surpasses all understanding. The Bible tells us that we can have peace in our hearts. It says that we should let God’s peace rule in our hearts. This implies that it is possible to have peace and that we have to do our part. Our part is to trust that God can give us peace. He is more than willing to give it and He has an abundance of it. I find a lot of peace when I pray. Prayer removes confusion for me. It takes chaos and shakes it out of my system. Prayer brings power that destroys the attacks of the enemy. If I am too distraught to pray, I speak peace into my life. I declare that I have peace in Jesus’ name. I say it out loud. I say it repeatedly. I push it into my spiritual system with my words. I thank the Lord that I have peace of mind. Try it next time you can’t get to a place of peace. You can even sing your way back to peace. Praise is powerful and it is underrated but it has what it takes to put us back in the pool of peace. Cast the chaos on the Lord. You will find peace in the middle of chaos, not because of who you are but because of who He is. The King of peace can do all things!


Suggested reading: Colossians 3:15; 1 Peter 5:7; Philippians 4:7

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