God has a message for you

I could have entitled this message “God has messages for you.” He does. He has messages for us constantly. If we take the time to listen, we will find out that He has a lot to say all the time. Once during prayer, the Lord told me “I talk to you all the time. You listen to Me when you have time.” He put me back in my place nicely. I needed to hear that. I needed to be aware of that. I shouldn’t have selective hearing with God. My spiritual ears should be on alert all the time. I don’t want to miss what He has to say so I pay attention. I seek His face. I take the time even when I don’t have time. Think about the power of creating time for God. How amazing it is to plan our day around Him and not to let our day dictate how much time we can talk and listen to Him. It’s when our schedules become our main agenda item in our lives that we miss out. God is our priority or at least He should despite the demands of the world. I am not advising quitting your job so you can be home listening to God. I am saying that when we have the desire to put God first, He gives us ways to make it work so that He is the One that leads the way every day. I love my job but I don’t want it to be the center of my life. God gave me that job so I want to give Him glory all the time. If I let my job become my god, I misuse the blessing I was given. Adoring the creation over the creator is dangerous because it separates us from God, from the truth. The truth is that God has many messages for us and we ought to catch them by allowing our spirits and our minds to be receptive. The right positioning for hearing is crucial. Spending time in the Word of God is a great way to get our spiritual ears activated. Why? The more we read the Word, the more we have a clue of what to look for and what to anticipate. The Word of God sets our spiritual structures in motion. It gives us the right foundation. It helps us get to know God better and it teaches us how to be followers of the Lord.


God has a message for you and His message is verified by His Word. I like to say that He has one message for us because there is a central message that encloses all His messages and that brings us back to the one fundamental truth that He is love and that love will always prevail. God’s message to you and me is based on His love and it declares that hope is alive. Hope is not dead. Jesus is not dead. Jesus is alive and well so we need to live out our lives in Him and through Him. God’s message is good news. Jesus Himself said that He had come to preach a Gospel of good news. He is not about doom and gloom. He is not about ruling over us. He is about freedom and hope. God has a message for you, friend and His message is that there will always be hope in Him. Today I want you to hear the message of the Lord again loud and clear. Hope is not going anywhere. The Lord is not going anywhere. Don’t let your current problems get in the way and make you think that there is no way. The Lord made a way long before the problems came your way. Hope has the same intentions today as it did the day you found the Lord. When you got saved, hope brightened your life. It gave your life a new meaning. Jesus is the meaning and He still makes sense today. Hang on to hope. Hang on to Jesus.


God has a message for you and it’s that Jesus the king of hope is with you. You are not alone with your problems. Jesus has never left your side. Go with the wind of hope and embark on a journey of faith. Nothing that will happen to you today and tomorrow can change the fact that hope will always show up in your life when you stick with the Lord. There will be valleys but the Lord created mountaintops for you to stand on and look at your tribulations from a distance. You won’t stay in the valleys. Hope won’t allow it. The Gospel of hope is still valid today. What Jesus started preaching a long time ago is still extremely relevant today. You see, God doesn’t have to reinvent Himself. He doesn’t have to be the God of 2019 and the God of 2020 will be the same God He has always been. He doesn’t have to adjust to the world; the world must adjust to Him. Don’t ever forget that the message the Lord has for you is unchangeable. He loves you, He adores you and He is the hope for a better future, a forgiven past and an amazing present!

Suggested reading: Mark 1;14-15; Luke 4:18: Luke 4:43

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