Greater is the One who lives in you

If your back is against the wall and you have been slapped in the face by life too many times, I am here to tell you that you will bounce back. You won’t bounce back because of who you are. You are going to bounce back because of the One who is in you. Greater is the Lord who is in you than the devil that is in the world. The enemy has taken things from you. He is a thief and he has no mercy but God’s grace and mercy supersede the enemy’s opposition. There is nothing and no one greater and stronger than God’s power and I need you to pull yourself together with God’s help. Don’t let what the enemy has stolen from you make you bitter toward God. God has a plan of restoration for you and you are going to come out stronger from these bad times. I know how it feels when you have been robbed and your joy is gone. I know how it feels when peace is nowhere to be found and the enemy is dancing around claiming victory. He is a liar. Jesus won. Jesus won it all. As this new week begins, claim victory in your life. Take back what the enemy has stolen. Confess freedom and deliverance in the name of the Lord and remind yourself that greater is the One who lives in you than the enemy who roams around in the world.

Being defeated is a horrible feeling and it’s what the adversity wants us to feel. Being joyful in the middle of adversity is hard to achieve but that is what God can do for us. With God your mourning stops now. With God your sadness stops now. With God your sorrow stops now. With God joy is on its way back. With God peace is around the corner. Hold on to God’s truth and don’t adhere to the enemy’s lies. I understand that his lies look so real and seem so true but remember that God’s truth is above all lies. God is in you and He will get you through all hardships. What you must do is call on Him. Let Him carry you. Let Him be the powerful God that He is. Stay in Him. Don’t turn away from Him during the tough times. He has not changed one bit and He is the only who can truly make a difference. The enemy will flee when you resist him. Don’t resist him on your own. Stand behind God. Stand in faith. Stand with confidence. God can do the impossible and He will do that for you. He is going to set you free from the worry and the pain. Do what the enemy doesn’t want you to do. Sing, rejoice, tap into joy, show faith, proclaim victory, embrace God’s peace and the enemy will be stopped in his tracks.

Do you ever meditate on how big God is? Do you ever think about the magnitude of His love and of His power? He has power over death. If He has power over death, He definitely has power over your bad circumstances. Think about that! As big as your problems are, they are not bigger than God. Confront your problems with God. They will argue and say that you are done for but God will take the stand and declare that you are a conqueror. Friend, you are a conqueror. God has given you the victory. He is already in celebration mode so it’s your job to join Him there. He is going to make everything work out for the best. The setbacks will try to make a comeback but God has got your back. I have enjoyed peace in the worst storms in most recent years and it is all thanks to Jesus. Greater is Jesus in you than the hurricane that is around you. Stay in faith. Stay encouraged! God is going to do new things in your life that will give you a new lease on life!

Suggested reading: Romans 8:31; 1 John 4:4; Ephesians 6:12-13

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