The words you say can change your world

I am a strong believer in claiming things and speaking things into existence. It is what God did. It is what He still does. His faith is impeccable and He can speak anything into existence. He can create anything. He can improve anything. He can mend anything. He can do the impossible and all that with His words. There is power in what we say when it aligns with God’s words. The Lord wants us to imitate Him and to follow His example. I want to be more like Jesus and I know that one area I need to work on is my confessions. I am not talking about confessing sins to Him. I do that all the time but here I am referring to what I say all the time. What I confess into the world. The ideas and the beliefs I project through my words. I need my words to echo the Lord’s words. Just like anyone else I can get carried away with my words and slip away from God’s way of speaking. The Lord speaks of victory and not of defeat. He speaks of love and not of hate. He speaks of hope and not of despair. He speaks of joy and not of sadness. God speaks and things happen. You and I have the same ability to speak things into life as we stay in faith. Faith gives us access to the Lord’s realm of the impossible. Faith speaks. Faith is not quiet. Faith sides with love. Faith sides with joy. Faith sides with peace. Faith always sides with Jesus. Faith sides with the Word of God. What side are you on? Are you siding with God through the way you speak or are you siding with the world and your mouth is a source of negativity? I am sure that a lot of us are a combination of both but the Lord’s side is where we should stay.

Jesus spoke sternly against the storm and the storm died down. Speak sternly against the storms of your life. Not just once but repeatedly. Show the storms that Jesus in you is greater than the chaos in them. Stand up and speak against the storm in Jesus’ name. Speak in Jesus’ name. Period. Be a spokesperson for love. Be a spokesperson for peace. Be a spokesperson for joy. Be a spokesperson for Jesus not only to the world but to yourself as well. Speak faith into your heart. Speak the Lord’s words and build up your faith. I don’t see anything wrong with memorizing scriptures and saying them when we need them. I have had desperate times that called for desperate measures and the best measures I have used were the Word of God and speaking faith. Now that I have some go-to scriptures, it’s easier to attack the bad situations with some good words of wisdom. God’s Word is the best place to find wisdom that helps us deal with all circumstances. There is a verse, an encouragement for every part of life and for every day. I have found my source of peace, my source of life. Jesus is the source and His Book underlines how majestic and amazing He is. Keep the Word of God close to your mouth and you will not run out of comebacks when life gives you a punch.

Miracles are created all the time and they come alive thanks to our Lord and Savior. Your next miracle is around the corner
. Your next miracle is coming your way and it lies in the power of your mouth now. You can attract God’s blessings with your faith. Your faith causes them to happen and your words are a big part of the whole process. Keep your confessions positive. Keep your words charged with God’s love and God’s hope. Don’t let negativity take over. Don’t give it any room. Squeeze it out of your mind. Squeeze it out of your heart. When people dump negative thoughts and ideas on you, take their trash and throw it out. Don’t be a dumpster for negativity. Don’t let people unload on you. Respond with love and firmly reject the negative words. Ask the Spirit of the Lord to assist you with this undertaking. You will be able to do it well the more you practice. Reject the bad and replace it with the good. Words matter. Words are important and your words can make a world of difference in your world. Keep on imitating the Lord. Keep on speaking His Word over your life. Stay positive. Great things will take place in your life. God’s words are the only words that can change your circumstances right now. Speak up for God. Speak up and see how God blesses your life!

Suggested reading: Psalm 19:14; Proverbs 15:4; Matthew 12:37


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