The power of seeking peace within

I have been getting a lot of messages about peace. I have been reminded of how much peace the Lord gives. When chaos is around me, peace is in me. I have dealt with some unsettling situations recently that have required a lot of strength and faith and it is the peace of the Lord that has kept me centered in Him. When things are wild and crazy but peace is still in me, I see God in action. I see His hand on me. I see His love and protection. I see He cares. I see He is above my desolation. Being able to stay in peace in the middle of the rockiest ocean is a gift from God. Peace of mind, peace in my heart is what I long for more than gold. Peace is a weapon that allows us to stay strong during the battles. It is the tool that we can wield when we need some spiritual comfort and some spiritual strength. When you think about it, God is always at peace. He is always peaceful and being more like Him implies that we are agents of peace. Not only are we promoting peace but we are living in peace. It is possible to have supernatural peace when there is a lot of commotion and confusion. It is an act from God. It is a demonstration of His power. I believe that God is powerful today and that He can still give us the peace we need when we are having major problems. What God can do for you when things are bad, is out of this world. It’s time we considered Him more above anything and everything that is human. We are so conditioned by our human nature that we miss the connection with the One who is not a human being, the One who can do the impossible. Today I want to remind you to seek peace with others and to seek peace within.


I am a very calm person and people say that I am always peaceful. I am for the most part but I have things that get me going and that take me down the path of a chaotic heart at times. I might not show it on the outside but I feel it on the inside. However, I have found a way to have more consistent peace. I have been meditating on the Lord more. Meditation is a powerful practice that enables us to hear from God. The Bible tells us that we should meditate on the Word of God. We should also meditate on God. When I meditate, I open myself up to God. I start by praying and then I let the Lord interrupt me and keep me in the silence where His voice is the loudest. I stay in the moment and I cherish His moment. There is tremendous power in shutting everything down and turning every spiritual sense on for the Lord. When we are in meditative prayer, our spirits are tuning in. They are ready to hear from the Lord and they are ready to receive. I get into meditative prayer twice a day; when I first get up and before bed. Prayer and meditation are my sandwich buns for the day. Everything in between those two buns is secured by the two ends. My day is filled with various events and peace is the main ingredient in between the buns. It makes the day taste so much better. It adds flavor to every hour and it gives me the appetite I need to stay in faith. Peace is my secret ingredient every day.


My prayer today is that you stay confident that God will give you peace again. I don’t know what you are going through today but I know the One who will get you through it. Seek peace within. Take the time to seek God’s face and you will see what peace looks like. God will transform you on the inside and give you a big dose of His peace. He is extremely generous and He can do bestow peace upon you, a peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace within is like a well-balanced scale. It gives you the balance you need to be the person God intended you to be. You are meant to have God’s peace and you can use that peace as your “superpower.” When the enemy hits you hard, you won’t feel a thing because you have the power of peace. When life tries to bring you down, you won’t drown because peace is your buoy and it keeps you afloat all the time. Take heart. Jesus conquered the world so you may have peace. Guard your peace. Stay close to God and peace will be your close friend. Seek peace within as you seek God’s face and you will live an extraordinary life in the Lord!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 26:3; John 16:33; Romans 12:18

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