10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 95)

The world is not black and white. There is some grey matter in between but there are also some beautiful colors the Lord created. Focus on God’s beautiful colors and paint over the darkness of the world with the brushes of love, peace and joy!

Talk to God about life. Talk to God about your life. Talk to God about pain. Talk to God about joy. Talk to God about frustration. Talk to God about accomplishments. Just talk to God!

The name above all names will squash all the names of the enemy. The devil, the opposition, the adversity have no power over the name of Jesus. Have faith that the name of Jesus is the name above all names!

Cruising through life with no problems is what fairytales are made of. Real life has you know it is made of ups and downs. Real life with the Lord is made of downs that become ups and ups that go higher than your wildest expectations!

The light that is shining through you can dissipate all the darkness that is around you. Never doubt that the light of the Lord will show you the way and will remove hurdles on the way.

The water that was turned into wine was a demonstration of the power of God who can transform anything effortlessly. Bring your water to the Lord and let Him turn it into wine. The new wine is coming. Don’t get discouraged when water is all you have. God is about to do something miraculous in your life with the little water you have!

The noise of the world will try to scare you. The enemy will scream at you. His evil agents will shout at you but the peaceful voice of the Lord will soothe you. Find peace in the Lord in the middle of the loudness of the world.

Be still and know that He is God. Be still and praise the Lord. Be still and rejoice in the Lord. Be still and you will know the Lord. Be still and the enemy will run away from you. Be still and stay in faith.

Keep on walking. You are almost there. Sometimes your legs are tired when you are close to your destination. Don’t give up. The weakness you are experiencing is a sign that you are on your way. God will get you to the finish line. Don’t give up!

A mountain of blessings is about to move into your life. It is behind the mountain of trials

and tribulations. Don’t let the negative mountains blind you to the truth. With God blessings abound. Stay close to God and you will be close to your breakthrough.

Suggested reading: Job 5:11; Psalm 27:13-14; Romans 8:28

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