Make God your priority

The more I read the Bible, the more I realize how much God loves us. He adores us. He wants to bless us and to take care of us. He thinks about us all the time. That blows my mind. The creator of the universe thinks about you and me all the time. He doesn’t let a minute go by without you and I on His mind. He started thinking of us before we were born. When Jesus was on the cross, you and I were on His mind. When Jesus came back from the dead, you and I were on His mind. He did it all for us. He did it all out of love. He did it so that justice would be served. He did it for anyone who would believe in Him. You and I are equally God’s priority. He thinks about what matters the most and you and I matter the most to Him. Now, how much do we think about God? What and who are our priorities in life? Isn’t it fair to have God as our priority? You might say that life gets in the way and we have too much to do to make God our priority. You might say that you have bills to take care of, children to raise and work to attend to. That is all true and all that should be taken into consideration but God should remain the priority. He gave you that job, He gave you your family, He gave you all the good things you have. It’s only fair that you and I should give Him our time and our commitment. We have a covenant with God and making sure that we abide by it is crucial and truly amazing.

Today I want to encourage you to make God your priority. Find ways to stay close to Him throughout the day. Find ways to make Him your number One. He deserves your accolades. He deserves your praises. He deserves your time. He deserves your love and your attention. I made up my mind a while ago and decided that God would be my number One. As soon as I made that declaration in my heart, life found ways to distract me. There are so many distractions in life that try to steal our time with God. Whatever we focus on has our undivided attention and if our focus is not on God, we must recalibrate it. I have found that if I start my day with God before I do anything else in the morning, I can sustain my focus on Him for a few hours after that. I need to recall my morning routine later on in the day and give some time to God. Whatever time is taken away from being in communion with God, I try to get back. I talk to Him when I am driving. I talk to Him in my heart when I am in meetings. I praise Him while I am grocery shopping. I infuse my day with times with God and it makes a difference in my spiritual life. God loves that we spend time with Him because He spends His entire day with us even when we spend time with the world. He doesn’t leave. He doesn’t forsake us. He just wants us to turn to Him and seek His face.

To prioritize is to treat something as more important than other things. When we prioritize God, we treat Him as more important than anything else in our lives. What does that look like? It looks like a desire to always communicate with God, to always act like Him, to stay strong in faith, to walk in love, to rejoice even when the rain of distress is around and to be thankful in everything. Making God our number One is making our faith our priority. It’s letting God lead the way. Letting God have the final say. Letting God be our source of hope. It’s not worrying about anything because our number One is our everything.  Making God our priority is forgiving our enemies. Loving those that no one loves. Praying for others before we pray for ourselves. Walking with the assurance that God is walking by our side. Singing instead of whining. Staying upright even when life brings us down. It’s spending time in the Word of God and being a witness to His greatness. Spreading the Gospel of love and refraining from hatred. Let’s make God our priority and we will find out how much we mean to Him as He speaks to us and we hear Him uninterruptedly.

Suggested reading: Exodus 20:3; Matthew 6:33; Luke 12:34

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