Speak God’s Word over your life

“The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want” is one of the verses I read every day in the morning. I find that reading the Bible is an amazing habit. After all, if we want to get to know God better, we must read what He has to say. Reading the Bible gives us a greater understanding of who God is. I read it every chance I get. I see that it keeps the flames in my heart burning and it produces good fruit in my life. Now, I also strongly believe that we have to do more than read the Word. We have to apply it and use it. Speaking it is also very important. The Word of God is one of our greatest weapons again the enemy and his agents. Speaking the Word can remove obstacles, remove mountains and remove pain. The Bible is medicine to our bodies, minds, spirits and souls. The Bible is a powerful tool that we too often leave on a bed stand or on a shelf. It was never meant to decorate our house. It was meant to be the structure of our house. It should be the foundation; it should be the framework we rely on. If we don’t have a strong foundation, our house will collapse. The Bible is the strongest foundation we can depend on. Our house might get shaken by some weather hazards but it will stand and it will be safe when the Word of God is its foundation. Today I want to encourage you to let your life hinge on the Word of God. Use the right foundation. Speak the Word into your life, put it into practice and live it out. There is no greater protection than the arms of the Lord and His Word can keep us in His arms because it builds up our faith.


Do you have verses you turn to every day? Have you made a list of verses that always save the day? The Lord has a word for every situation of every day. His Word still stands almighty and those who use it find peace and harmony. Wouldn’t you like to be in harmony with God? His Word can help you get there. Knowing His thoughts and reading His heart is a great way to find the balance in our spirits that gives us harmony. The Lord speaks in His Word and there is power in every word. I strongly suggest asking for assistance when it comes to interpreting the Word so that we don’t create doctrines that are outside of God. Our human reasoning wrestles with God’s understanding. It’s when we trust His Spirit that we can receive revelation and comprehend the Word. I like to spend time reading and meditating on the Word. It opens my eyes and the enlightenment that comes out of the meditative times is priceless.


Going back to my opening verse, I can add that when I speak the Word of God into my life, doubt starts to leave. When I have needs, when I don’t know what to do, I say that the Lord is my Shepherd. Something happens in my spirit. Something clicks and change ensues. We must press on and push the attacks of the enemy away. Our words can do the job as long as they are words from the Lord. I think that a lot of us have been too passive when it comes to using God’s Word. We read it, we analyze it, we study it but we don’t bring it to life by speaking it. There is so much power and love in the words of the Lord. We can’t continue to keep the Word in hiding. It has to be exposed and it has to be expressed. I want to invite you today to find scriptures that will help you throughout the day. Talk to your circumstances. Talk to your wandering mind. Talk to the fears. Talk to the doubt. Let them hear what Jesus has to say about you. Let yourself hear what Jesus has to say about you. Speak God’s Word into your life on a daily basis. Make it a habit. Make it a reflex. God’s Word changes lives!


Suggested reading: Romans 1:16; Hebrews 4:12; James 1:22

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