God is your provider

I know that I am not the only one who goes through times when money is a dominant thought. I was told at a young age that people who have a lot of money worry about keeping it and those who don’t have enough worry about getting it. Worrying about money either way is not God’s best for our lives. I once heard that there is no logic in trusting God for our salvation and not trusting Him as our provider. Every time we doubt that He will provide, we act like an unbeliever and we undermine Him. I don’t want to undermine God and I don’t want to show Him disrespect when I don’t believe that He is the God He says He is. It boils down to that. When we think that God won’t meet our needs, we don’t respect His majesty and we don’t embrace His loving kindness. It might sound a bit harsh but it’s the reality. Think about that. It will help you change your vision of God in times of need. In times of need God doesn’t change. Our needs might increase but His power doesn’t decrease. He can meet our needs all the time, according to His perfect timing. What we need to do is stay in faith and keep proclaiming that He is our provider.


Yesterday I talked about how I like to repeat that God is my Shepherd. A shepherd takes care of his sheep. He makes sure they are provided for and they are well-taken care of. The Lord is the Shepherd of all shepherds. No one else can supply your needs the way He can. Why? He has no limitations and He can use any resources in the world. He would move Heaven down if that helped. He is limitless. If we could get it in our minds and in our spirits that God is the best provider, our approach to life would change. We would not worry when our paycheck is weeks away. We would not fear the future. God intended for us to see Him as the Father and provider that He is. I was thinking about money quite a bit a few weeks ago and the Lord kept reminding me that there was absolutely no reason to worry. One evening as I was starting to pray, I kept hearing “Isaiah 55.” I wasn’t sure what that chapter was about. I don’t read Isaiah often but I decided to follow the Lord’s lead and read the passage. Much to my astonishment I found out that this chapter has to do with money and how we shouldn’t worry about money at all.


The first verse of Isaiah says “Is anyone thirsty? Come and drink even if you have no money.” We don’t have to come up with the means on our own, God provides them. This verse is also a reminder that the Lord sets a table before us with all we need. You are welcome to the table and you don’t have to pay for anything. The provider is always in your house. All you have to do is call on Him and trust Him! Part of the rest of Isaiah 55 is also about God providing for us. He indicates that we should listen to Him and we will find life. Listening to Him here implies listening and believing. If we believe that He can do what He says He can do, He will do it. God is your number one provider and supplier but you need to activate your faith in Him. You need to position yourself to receive and being open to Him is the best way to get there. God’s thoughts are nothing like our thoughts and we ought to accept His thoughts and embrace His ways. Let’s declare that He will never leave us. He will always provide and give us more than enough no matter what our circumstances are trying to tell us. God is faithful. God says the truth. Let our circumstances be the liars and God be the King of truth! God is your provider, friend. You have nothing to worry about!

Suggested reading: Isaiah 55; Matthew 6:26; Acts 17:28

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