10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 96)

With faith we open doors that did not exist before. Faith builds doors that no one can shut when we stay in faith. Faith creates realities that don’t exist in the realm of doubt. Let’s open doors of faith every day!

God is a God of multiplication not a God of subtraction or division. He doesn’t divide families. He doesn’t divide His blessings. He doesn’t remove favor. He doesn’t remove His love. He multiples His blessings.

Always see God in the word “good.” All good things come from God. When you wait on God, you wait on good things. If it’s not good yet, God is still working on it!

Don’t forget what you learned from the Lord yesterday because you might need it tomorrow. Keep God’s lessons and instructions fresh in your mind. They will come in handy when you least expect it!

Don’t let your doubts and fears form into a person in your head. Before you know it you will be talking to that person all the time, interacting with doubt and believing the lies of that person.

It’s not about the events of your life, it’s about making Jesus the event of your life.

If you are going to have tunnel vision, be sure that the Lord is all over your tunnel. Let the Lord be the tunnel through which you have a vision of life.

When life gets hard, praise harder. When life gets tough, let your faith get tougher. When life gets complicated, let God’s Word make it simpler. When life gets in the way, let the Lord make a way!

Do you know who you are in Christ? Find out and stick with who God says you are and not who people say you are. Let the Lord define you.

Sometimes you have to thank the Lord for no reason. Get into the habit of thanking Him for being God. Thank Him for the day. Thank Him for the hours of the day. Thank Him for every minute you have breath and for every second you have been granted. Just thank Him!

Suggested reading: 1 Chronicles 16:34; Colossians 3:15; Colossians 4:2

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