Stand firm and don’t give up

I love how the Word of God keeps reminding us to stand firm and to stay strong. God never intended for us to stand alone and to use our own strength to make it in this life. He is standing there with us. Faith allows us to tap into His strength and His power. Faith keeps us firm and strong. Our faith is keeping us grounded in God and it is vital that we keep it alive. Faith is active and the best way to see it at work is to go through trials and stay with God despite the fiery darts of the enemy. Therefore, we should rejoice when we are in the middle of tribulations because our faith will be strengthened. It’s easier said than done but as this week begins, remember that the Lord is not going to leave you and His love will help you stay strong and stand firm. Read verses of the Bible that encourage you to stand firm and let them stay in your heart. Combine them. Make them into this one huge chapter and let that chapter be the motto of your week, the anthem of your life. Stand firm and don’t give up!

When I think about standing firm, I think of being established on a solid foundation. I think of being on top of a strong ground that keeps us stable. It’s no quicksand and it’s not mud. Standing on the Word of God is having a strong foundation. The Lord is His Word so when we stand on the Word we stand on God. What stronger foundation is there than God?! His Word promises that God can be relied on. God Himself says He is our refuge in times of need and He will never leave us. I can’t get over that. God is with us in the fire and He is with us when everything is going well. We might be turning to Him more when we are in trouble but He desires constant communication with us. He wants to be the anchor that keeps us safe.


When we put on God’s armor, we can stand firm. We are warriors of faith who have the victory thanks to the Lord Jesus. Our part is to keep going and not give up. His part is done and it will come to pass when we hold on to our faith. Faith is hard but it is also beautiful and attainable. I go through trials and tribulations just like anyone else. I have moments when I wonder why the fire is burning so much but the Spirit of the Lord reminds me that He is with me no matter what I go through. I have worshipped the Lord when my body was in pain and my mind didn’t want to think of anything but my problems. I have stood firm when I was left with very little but the Lord was all I needed.


One way that I am able to stand firm is by focusing on God’s work for me. Whatever He wants me to do I keep doing it despite the problems that seem to plague my life at times. When we can continue to walk in love, to pray for others, to do good, to praise, to display the Lord’s character, our faith is ignited. Being Christ-like gives life to our faith. Standing firm means to keep on being the Christian that the Lord created. It means not throwing the towel but keeping it and using it to soothe other people’s wounds. Standing firm means no carrying what the world says about us; we only focus on what the Lord says about us in His Word.


I want to stand firm in the Lord and declare that He is my Savior and keep on proclaiming His goodness. A Christian who can still exalt the Lord when things are very bad has reached a level of maturity that is laudable. We all get some good practice. We all have opportunities to get mad at God but when we choose not to reject Him in tough times it makes a huge difference. It feeds our faith and it gives us the strength to go on. Today I am inviting you to praise the Lord even if you are having the worst time of your life. Stand firm. You are not alone. The Lord is with you. Don’t give up. Jesus will see you through!

Suggested reading: 1 Corinthians 15:58; Ephesians 6:11-13; 1 Peter 5:9


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