The new you inside of you

When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become a new creature. Our spirits get a new lease on life and we are a new person. The change happens on the inside and it often shows on the outside. What we have to work on is our minds. Our minds don’t get renewed so they need to a facelift so to speak. We need to trim the negativity in our heads. I know that my mind is like a ping pong that goes between the two sides of the ping pong table of life. It lands on the positive side more than on the negative side now but it has taken me a while to get here. The initial entrance into salvation was absolutely amazing. Then the honeymoon stage stopped and I had to face reality. I had to face myself. I found out later in life that I could be my biggest enemy when I let my mind go into the wild places of negative thoughts and doubt. Doubt roams in the fields of misery and tries to entangle us in its trap of worry. It happens to all of us. No one is immune to negative thoughts. As long as we are here, we will have to deal with our minds. When I said I had to deal with myself, I meant that I had to discover who I was on the inside with my renewed spirit and not let who I am in my mind ruin the experience.

I strongly believe that when someone gets saved, he or she needs to be well surrounded by a supportive group of Christians that will guide that person so he or she can avoid some the ambush of the enemy. There is a wonderful person inside of us who is the fruit of our new-born spirit. The problem is that the opposition will do whatever it can to prevent us from getting to know that person and from letting us grow. The adversity doesn’t want your new spirit to take over your body and your mind. The enemy will do his best to stop you from developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit. He knows that your spirit in conjunction with the Holy Spirit make an unbeatable team. The devil is not afraid of Christians. He is afraid of Christians who know who they are in Christ. He loathes the children of God who are aware of the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. Those Christians are too dangerous to him. They seek the Kingdom of God and they advance it in the name of the Lord. When they speak the name of Jesus, things happen. They have faith and they can’t be bothered by trials and tribulations. They still praise the Lord even when they have a lot of problems. Their spirit is strong because it trusts in the Lord all the time. It is blind to fear and it doesn’t believe in doubt. You and I are the ones who can reach that level of maturity in the Lord because we have what it takes on the inside. It’s time we unwrapped the gift of salvation and lived it out in the name of Jesus.

How do we get our inner self to be strong in the Lord? How do we get the person on the inside to be visible on the outside? The mind is the entry way. We must keep our minds clear and keep them focused on Jesus. Think of the mind as the doorway that has a chute that allows good and bad things to get down to our spirits. Negative thoughts can get in and poison our spirits by messing up with our faith. Good, positive and God-centered thoughts can lift up our spirits and make them stronger. Our spirits long to grow in the Lord and to be as close to Him as possible. Salvation ignited a fire on the inside that needs to be maintained and that will turn into flames burning powerfully for Jesus. The zeal of the gospel will grow in our spirits when we fan the flames. I mention praise and worship a lot because they are extremely powerful tools that enable our spirits to get bigger and stronger. They are like giant hugs from the Lord that make our spirits feel the presence of Jesus. Let’s build up our spirits by fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit daily, by praying regularly and by keeping a grateful heart. Let’s renew our minds with the Word of God and let’s keep our eyes on Jesus no matter what comes our way. It’s that fervent faith that will give a boost to our spirits and that let the beautiful person inside of us shine.

Suggested reading: Psalm 51:10-12; 2 Corinthians 4:16; Romans 12:2

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