What more could I want

I am thankful for a lot of things this Thanksgiving. I am blessed to have a great family and wonderful friends. I have a job I love. I live in a quiet area that is safe. My needs are met. I am thankful for all that but most of all I am thankful for my relationship with Jesus. This past year the relationship has grown into a more solid connection. I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit and I thank the Lord for Him every day. I used to ignore His Spirit. I didn’t know much about Him but now I understand that I can’t get to know Jesus well without His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the One I call the essence of Jesus. He knows everything about God the Father and God the Son. He can teach us all things about them and He humbly leads us closer to them. The trinity is the most powerful trio in One. What would I be without the trinity? Where would I be without the Lord? In Him I have everything and I am not talking about material things. I see that having our needs met is wonderful but with the Lord our spiritual needs are taken care of as well. I strongly believe that God wants to bless us spiritually first. He will give us what we need and what need first is Him above everything and everyone else. Once we realize that, we ask ourselves “What more could I want?”

There is no one and nothing we need more than the Lord. We think that having a lot of money is what we need the most. We find comfort in the material world when we should find comfort in the Lord’s world. His world is filled with peace. As a matter of fact, He operates from a place of peace. I have noticed that when my head is chaotic, the Holy Spirit reminds me to be calm and to stay in peace. He can work from a platform of peace. There have been times when all I wanted was peace. Do you ever get to that point? Do you ever crave peace more than anything else? Peace is worth all the money in the world and when we have Jesus, we have free access to peace. If you have Jesus but you don’t have peace, there is hope. With the Lord there is always hope even when our heads tell us that nothing can be done about our situation. Having Jesus is having peace, love, joy, faith, blessings, mercy and grace. What happens is that we often don’t know that we are entitled to all these wonderful things now. They are not just reserved for the old Bible times. We are in the Bible times today. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He still moves mountains and He still brings joy.

Like I said earlier, I love my relationship with the Lord. At the end of the day He is the One who makes my day. He comes first and I come last. I have traded my needs for His glory. I want to continue to bless Him with my actions, my thoughts and my words. He represents what my heart is after and I have to remember that. One thing I strive to do is not let the world dictate what I need but let my heart show me that Jesus is truly all I need. I have Jesus. What more could I want? I have the creator of the universe. I have the One who made salvation possible. I have the One who holds the keys to peace and joy. When I make Him my priority, the doors of peace and joy open automatically. I don’t have to knock on the door. I don’t have to ring the bell. He opens the door all the time. I am thankful for a lot in my life but my relationship with Jesus is what I cherish the most. On this Thanksgiving day, I hope that you are thankful for the Lord and that you are engrossed in His love. My prayer is that you stay thankful for Him and that you lead others to get to know Him. Happy Thanksgiving!

Suggested reading: Psalm 100:4; Colossians 3:17; Hebrews 13:8

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