Take life with a grain of hope

I drove to the airport last Tuesday to fly to San Diego for the holiday. It usually takes me under 2 hours to get to JFK but this time it took me 3 hours. My mind was going into many directions and none of them were pointing toward the airport. I kept thinking that I was going to miss my flight and that I might as well turn around. Crazy thoughts can pop into your head when you are under pressure and when time seems to be against you. The key is to not accept those thoughts as your own thoughts and to not adhere to what they want you to believe. You have to detach yourself from those thoughts and inject the Lord’s thoughts into your head. That is what I did. When the discouraging thoughts came, I shut them down with encouraging thoughts. I had hope. It looked like a speck of hope but I know that even a small grain of hope can make a difference.

When we let that grain enter our minds, it has the potential to grow into a harvest of faith. Let hope infiltrate the fields of doubt and let it blossom and take over the acres of worry. While I was driving, I spoke to myself and I said that I was going to make it. There was a sign that read “Traffic slowing down on the Whitestone Bridge” but I didn’t accept that message. I started saying “We are not going to slow down. We are not going to stop.” It was a real battle of faith and the traffic did slow down. I repeated my positive declaration a hundred times adding “in the name of Jesus.” You see, hope speaks for Jesus. It speaks in the name of Jesus. It can speak in any name but the name of the Lord is the best name. It’s the name above all names. Today I want to encourage you to take every event of your life with a grain of hope. Let that grain get bigger. Water it with confidence and cultivate it. Through a grain of hope you can harvest of crop of peace.

There are so many ways we can react to the bad things that happen to us. The example of my driving to the airport is a small example but at the time I was really going through some anxiety that I had to deal with. I could have given up. I could have driven there filled with fear and defeat but I knew it would be damaging to the measure of faith that I have. Faith has to be exercised and if we are not disciplined, it can be deflated and when we need it, we are left with a flat tire of faith that won’t take us far on the road of life. I strongly believe that we ought to be active and not passive when it comes to hope. We can’t always just hope for the best, keep our fingers crossed and let things happen without real faith backing us up. It is important to hope for the best as long as the hope is centered in the Lord and it’s not a random wish.

God gave us hope. When we got saved, hope entered our lives and it’s up to us to maintain it and keep it alive. I like the idea of a grain of hope because there are times when all seems lost and the only thing that can help us is to insert that tiny piece of hope into the situation. All it takes is a grain of hope. God can work with that grain. A grain of hope can do some serious damage to the land of doubt that too often develops in our heads. Take back that land with hope. Take back that land with the Word of hope, the Word of God. Be actively responding to the way you are feeling when stress and anxiety are trying to get the best of you. Rebuke them and let your hope take control of the situation.

Once you have that grain of hope, be sure to act accordingly. What does that look like? Stay at peace. Focus on the good things. Know that you are going to make it. Thank God for the grain and expect Him to give you a rain of blessings. I love to sing to the Lord with a heart filled with hope. I do it in the morning during prayer. I sing or I declare amazing things into my life. Hope makes me do that. Hope helps me do that. Hope will always speak positively about what the enemy meant to be negative in your life. It’s not that hope glorifies the bad things. It nullifies them and replaces them with God’s blessings. A grain of hope is powerful, friend and the Lord has given you and me millions of grains to use.

For each bad situation, there is a grain of hope. It looks small but it is packed with God’s power. The next time you are facing difficulties, take out your grain of hope and give your difficulties a difficult time with the power of hope. It is not over. It is not the end. Hope is alive and well because Jesus is alive and well. Hold on to hope. Decide to always side with hope. Your life is blessed and hope will show you how favored you are in the name of Jesus. Take life with a grain of hope. God is in charge and He will bless you even in the middle of the storm. Stay in faith and don’t be discouraged.

Suggested reading: Romans 5:5; Hebrews 11:1; 1 Peter 1:3

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