Turn the page and move on to a better chapter

Before I was saved, my life was miserable. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. I lost a few family members at a young age and I forgot what happiness felt like for a long time. One of my best friends once told me that I looked sad all the time as a kid and I couldn’t hide it. I didn’t think life could get better. I didn’t understand why things had to be so bad. I prayed at night but my prayers were often accompanied by tears because I felt guilty praying for myself and I thought God believed I was a hypocrite. I tried to be pious but I fell short all the time. What was life all about? Was life a living hell? Was it this big chamber I was kept in that was a giant place of torture? How could I get a better life? Was I allowed to expect more from life? I often wondered when the pain was going to end. I saw the suffering that crippled my family and I didn’t know why God didn’t do anything to save us. Then I met the Lord at the age of 14. It seemed more like the Lord came to me. He had pity on me and my family and He came to our rescue.


Getting saved and getting to know Jesus is the best thing that has happened to me. It was just the beginning of a life filled with adventure and a newfound appreciation for everything. It was as if someone had added color to my black and white life. I saw the light and I saw the beauty of life for the first time. I was healed from spiritual pain. I was made new. I gained life and left death behind. After reading many bad chapters of my life, I turned the page and moved on to a better chapter. That chapter is still going on and it is a beautiful depiction of the Lord’s love. I accepted Jesus into my life and I closed the old book of misery and started reading the story of my life written by the Lord Himself. My story is not perfect and many events have tried to ruin my life but the Lord has helped me turn the page every time. Today I want to invite you to turn the page now and move on with the Lord.


Your story is a great story that is meant to be a testimony to the Lord’s glory. The enemy will always try to write his own version of your story but every time he grabs the pen, take it back from him. Don’t let him deceive you with his sad story and with the drama he loves to add to your life. Yes, bad things are bound to happen. A perfect life is an illusion but the One who is perfect can right your wrongs and mend anything that is broken. Every time the enemy jumps into your story, something breaks. However, the Lord can fix anything. Your broken heart can be restored. Your joy can come back. Your peace can appear again. Don’t let a bad page make you think that every chapter that is coming up is going to be terrible. Remember that when you accepted the Lord, a new chapter started and that chapter will keep on going. Bad passages like I said will be juxtaposed upon your chapter with the Lord but keep in mind that the Lord will always prevail. Let Him rewrite the bad paragraphs and edit your story. Your prayers and your praises will change the course of your story for the best. God has you in the palm of His hand and things are going to get much better. Turn the page and let God read the next pages to you. Trust that He knows best.


Guilt and shame can be blockers that prevent you from moving on. It’s hard to turn the page when you feel like you have done the unpardonable. There is nothing you could do that would ever separate you from God’s love. Nothing you can say or do will make Him hate you. Repent and turn the page. Push the delete button by asking for forgiveness. Accept the Lord’s forgiveness and forgive yourself as well. Don’t look back and don’t try to change what doesn’t exist anymore. Don’t let bitterness over what happened to you take control of your feelings. Join the Lord and move on. Start afresh. Tell your problems that you have turned a new leaf and the Lord has great plans for your life. Thank the Lord for what’s to come. Cherish every moment and be thankful for the new life you have in Him. The chapter of your life is in God’s hands. Enjoy it. The next page is going to blow your mind!

Suggested reading: Ephesians 4:31-32; Colossians 3:13; 1 John 1:9

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