Dream big by staying on God’s page

I often ask myself how far I am willing to go with God. How big should my dreams be? How open am I to His greatness? Do I see God for who He is or for who people say He is? One of my goals is to get to know God for myself with no interference. I want the Holy Spirit to be my only filter. I spend as much time as I can in meditation and fellowship with the Lord daily. I dig. I read His Word. I search. I pray. I ask. I listen. I embrace. I get admonished. I get reminded. I get refocused. I get help. The Holy Spirit is an amazing companion and my life with Him is an adventure that I wouldn’t trade for anything else. Have you embarked on an adventure with the Holy Spirit? Are you riding the waves of this ocean of life with His assistance? Do you let Him open your eyes and show you how big God is? We can always do more and we can always learn more. One thing I am working on is to continue to be open to His instructions and His guidance. I can’t let pride and self-righteousness dictate my relationship with the Spirit of God.


The Spirit of God shows me and you that there is no limit to what God can do. He tells us that we can do all things in Christ but we don’t always get the memo. We put it under a pile of paperwork we need to fill so we can be included and accepted into this world. As time goes by, I realize that I would rather stand out for God than blend into the world. I can’t be this person who follows the wrong shepherd and who stays with a flock that is misled and misguided. I want to stick with the Good Shepherd and stay on His page. On God’s page there is a lot of space for our dreams, visions and hope. His page is waiting to be filled with the big dreams we have. God is all set. He knows what He can do and it’s up to us to get on His page and dream big, love out loud and trust with our whole heart.

Today my message is about dreaming big, dreaming with God and staying on the same page. If people have shut you down and discouraged you to dream big, dust off the rejection and go back to God’s page.  People will always have ideas and opinions that will jive with God’s ideas. We often long for approval from the world when we should adhere to the agreements with the Lord. He agrees to bless us and to assist us. He is on a higher level. A level way higher than any human being you will ever encounter. This means that whatever idea men have to offer, God can multiply the fruit of those ideas and create the impossible. If someone tells you that the business you want to start can bring a small revenue, know that God says that He can bless your business and turn it into a fortune that will bless many people. This is just an example and I am not suggesting that God is just about blessing us financially. He wants to grow us and expand our faith. Your dreams should grow. Your faith should be fed. Don’t let small ideas curb the big dreams that the Lord has put in your heart.

God puts dreams in our hearts and those dreams are sprinkles of His love and kindness. He doesn’t give us dreams so we can sit on a couch and wish they would come to pass. His dreams for us are meant to be activated. Our faith is the ignition button we should rely on. Pray that you can develop a big dream mentality. Don’t ignore the dreams that are born in your heart. Write them down. Pray over them. Thank God for the inspiration and ask Him to lead the way down the path of wonders and miracles. There is no dream too big for the Lord. If He put the dream in you it’s because He knows that the combination of your faith, your heart and God’s power will make things happen. Flex the muscles of your faith. Keep your heart in line with God’s Word and trust that God has the power to do anything. Your dreams are a drop in the bucket of possibilities that the Lord has put at your disposal. Dream big. Be on God’s page by reading His Word and see with your eyes of faith. The Lord will unveil a new world of blessings that will materialize as you keep dreaming big in His name!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Matthew 6:33; Ephesians 3:20

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