God’s utensils are on the table set before you

It’s no secret that Psalm 23 is one of my favorite psalms. It is comforting, encouraging and it “sets the table” for the blessings the Lord has for us. It says that God sets a table before us. What is on the table? Manna from Heaven, spiritual and physical blessings and material blessings as well. All we need is in front of us and the Lord has prepared it all. Faith is what gives us access to that table. The Lord has laid out everything nicely for us and He is waiting for us to take a seat and start eating. I can only imagine what the blessings of the Lord taste like. As a matter of fact, I know how delicious and satisfying they are and I want more of them. I want to sit at the table and have a feast in the name of the Lord.


I can see the joy and the peace that reign at the table of the Lord. There is much more than we need and we can partake in this buffet of merriment all the time. The adversity will try to get us away from that table and will sit us at the table of pain and misery where negativity is served in big portions. I am sure that a lot of us have been at that table and we occasionally sit there and get indigestion as we eat the poison of the opposition. Today I want to encourage you to stay at the table of the Lord and enjoy what He has to offer. He has all the food and drinks you need to have a pleasant life and to stay spiritually fit. He also has the right utensils that will help us eat that amazing spiritual food.


God is interested in seeing us grow in the knowledge of His love so one of the foods we can find at His table is a plate of wisdom and knowledge. That plate is the Word of God. We should be eating from that plate all the time with no fear of overeating. We can’t finish that dish and we can’t get sick from it. It is medicine to our entire bodies and it makes us wise and savvy. There is a spoon near that dish that we should use. It is not in a round shape. It is in the form of meditation. Meditating on the Word is key. It will give us the ability to get all the nutrients from the Word and keep them in our bodies. The spoon of meditation allows us to get the Word inside our mouth and it goes to our head where it should be pondered. Let’s use the utensil of meditation and we will get to know the Lord better.


Among the other utensils on the table of the Lord is the knife of truth. That knife enables us to know the truth. It cuts things and separates lies from the truth. The Holy Spirit gives us that knife. The Bible says that the Spirit of the Lord will guide us into all truth. We can’t have the good food of the Lord if we don’t know what good food is and what poison from the enemy is. There are so many doctrines and ideas out there that seem like good food but that end up making us sick. I pray that I will stay in the truth. I pray to be enlightened and to be guided. That knife at the table of the Lord is crucial and I hold on to it.


The fork at the table, just like the spoon, is an implement that we can use to lift the food to our mouth. Without a fork, it’s hard to enjoy food unless we use our hands. The fork is the bridge between God’s food and us. What bridges that gap? What does that fork look like? It’s prayer. It comes in the form of prayer and fellowship with the Lord. We can also say that each prong on the fork is an element of fellowship and connection with the Lord. There is the prong of prayer which is very important. There is the prong of worship and praise. That prong makes a huge difference in our walks with God. There is also the prong of gratitude and thanksgiving. That one keeps us in line with God’s will as well. When we sit at the table of the Lord, we ought to use the right utensils. Let’s be sure that we use them diligently and we will have a feast that will keep our spiritual bellies full. The Lord has set a table before us. Let’s dig in!


Suggested reading: Exodus 16; Psalm 23; John 10:11

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