Going through the cold seasons of your life

Sometimes we go through very cold seasons where we just can’t seem to get warm enough to withstand the low temperatures. We try to warm up by the fire of the Holy Spirit but our heads pull us back into a “North Pole” state of mind. Every move we make is stopped by the freezing weather. We pray but we don’t have the strength to put our hands together for too long. We do our best to praise but our lips are frozen shut. We want to be grateful but the cold makes us tremble with fear. Our circumstances and our problems keep us in a winter vortex that is hard to get out of. It happens to all of us. Winter is bound to happen but the Lord goes with us wherever we go. The boat of life we are on has two passengers; the Lord and us. The boat cruises along and moves forward in all seasons. Jesus is the captain of the boat. When things get chilly, we tend to want to be the captain and steer the boat away from the icebergs. Then we realize that the tip of the iceberg is an indication that there is a bigger problem underneath and we are no match for it. The Lord is the only One who knows how to navigate our boats even through the Arctic.


You might very well be going through a freezing season right now and you don’t know how to get warm again. Look inside the boat before you look for help outside. Like I said the Lord is inside your boat. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to dwell in us. That is where the help comes from. Before God can make your circumstances warm again, He wants to get you warm first. How does that happen? It takes some introspection based on the Lord. Spend time inside your prayer closet. Your boat has a closet in which you can pray and talk to Jesus. However, before you start talking, listen. Listen to the Lord. If you can’t hear anything, turn up the volume by reading His Word. Let His words sink in. They will bring you warmth and they will fan the flames of the fire of the Holy Spirit in you. Get back into the game by remembering who oversees the game. The Holy Spirit is in charge of guiding you, leading you, loving you, assisting you and blessing you. Thank the Lord for the Holy Spirit in the middle of your winter season and the heat will be turned back on.


If you are rushing to try and get out of bad situations, you can hit bigger problems head on. I mentioned the iceberg before. If you try to move too fast, it might be difficult for you to slow down in time to avoid the icebergs of life. What helps during those tough seasons is staying calm and having patience. It sounds counterproductive to your mind but it’s in the middle of calmness that the Lord can operate. We need to slow down and focus on Jesus. We can’t see Him if we are rushing and running too fast. He wants to control the whole boat so we must let go. We have to follow His pace and follow His lead. This might mean staying longer in the prayer closet and it also means praising and worshiping. They are usually the last thing we want to do when we are facing problems but they are the best thing we can do. Praise will keep us afloat. Praise and worship will make us walk on water. Those troubled and cold waters will not be a hindrance to our moving forward when we praise. Why? Praise and worship focus on the Lord, on the solution and not on the problem. They keep us warm because the Lord is in them and He changes the atmosphere. Friend, the boat of your life is not going to freeze when you stay in faith. Jesus is your captain. He will make you warm and He will give you summer in the middle of your winter. Stay encouraged. God is about to turn up the heat!


Suggested reading: Mark 3:9; Matthew 8:23; Luke 8:23


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