You can get a new start today

When I got saved it felt like I had gained a new life. It was a fresh start. I got a new chance at this thing called life. I expected a better life. I naively thought that I would never have any more problems. I thought that life with Jesus meant life with no worries and no difficulties. The honeymoon stage lasted for a while. Then things changed. When challenges arose, I was shocked. I got lost for a while. I found myself in a wilderness I didn’t think I would ever visit again. I actually didn’t visit it. I lived there for a while. I brought all my belongings with me and I became a resident of “nowhere land.” I call it nowhere because it was as if God was nowhere to be found. My dreams of a perfect life were crashed and I had no one to tell me that even though tribulations would come I didn’t have to worry because Jesus was with me. I don’t know what happened to the verses in the Bible that warned against such tough times. I missed them or they were hidden. You know you can read your Bible ten times and see new things every single time. Life became a bit rough after I got saved. However, there always seemed to be a way out of the entangled problems that kept me up at night. I noticed that I was given new opportunities and chances to start anew. God always had the final say and I learned that if I held on long enough, God made things new again. I found out that God was the God of new beginnings and new starts over and over again.

The Word of God makes it clear that every day is a new day
. A new set of opportunities for God to bless us comes every morning. His mercies endure forever and they are renewed every morning. When we get saved, we enter a new life and that new life gives us new moments that will create beautiful lasting memories if we know how to approach each day. It is essential that we don’t think like our old self. We were given a new wine and this wine can’t be contained by old bottles. The new wine here is a symbol of the new life in Christ. God changed our old lives, water, into new lives, the new wine. He has given our lives a new taste and a new flavor. I am not a wine drinker but I know people who can appreciate a good wine and they love their wine. Wine can be very expensive. The Lord paid the price for our new lives and His gift is free of charge. His amazing gift keeps on giving. It brings new and fresh waves of blessings. We get saved once but the Lord keeps working on our lives and His blessings don’t stop.


I am thrilled that every day is a new day in the Lord. I can expect new things, new blessings, new joy, new peace. When my peace gets stale because of the events of my life, I can trade it for a new peace that the Lord provides generously. God has an unlimited supply of new everything. He loves the newness of each day. He helps us turn the page and not dwell on the mistakes of our past or on our past miserable adventures. If you are in need of a fresh start today, turn to the One who turns water into wine and who gives new mercies every morning. Don’t get stuck in a rut. Come out of the old routine and get a new perspective thanks to the Lord. You can have new days filled with God’s kindness and goodness. Let God give your life a new coat of paint and don’t stay stuck in your old ways. Things are going to change and things are going to turn around for you. New mercies are coming and your life is going to be a series of new blessings that will blow your mind. Enjoy the new day! Enjoy the new blessings! God has a fresh new start for you and it starts today!

Suggested reading: Lamentations 3;22-23; Psalm 30:11; Hebrews 10:23

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