Having a strong desire to know God better

The other morning, I woke up with a strong desire to know Jesus better. I prayed “Lord, I want to learn more about the details of Your life.” I couldn’t shake that desire. I stayed in prayer for a while meditating on what that meant. The obvious interpretation was that I wanted to study the Word of God more. The Lord is His Word. Knowing the details of His life is knowing His Word better. I study His Word every day but I have reached a stage where I need to get to a higher level of knowledge about the Lord. All we do should lead to getting closer to the Lord and knowing Him better every day. If a year from now I am still where I am today, I have missed the mark. A year from now I should be more intimate with God. It became all clear that my life’s purpose is to know God better. It might sound very simple but I had needed that clarity for a while and when it hit me, everything made sense.


I am not here to get richer. My life’s goal is not to become a millionaire or to have the best material possessions life has to offer. I want to know Jesus so well that He becomes my life. I want to embrace His Spirit so much that He is the center of my life. Everything in me should revolve around Him. We too often let the world be our defining element when our relationship with the Lord should be what gives meaning to our lives. Today I want to encourage you to develop that desire and that need to know God more. My prayer is that you have that burning desire to be closer to God every day. I pray that you see yourself through Him and that the world is an accessory in your life and not your main garment.

I like the word “garment.” It’s a word that comes from an old French word that meant equipment. The Bible talks about the garment of praise and I see praise as the equipment we put on, as a spiritual item of clothing that we wear. What we put on often defines who we are. What we wear symbolically gives us an idea of what we value and what we like. If we wear our hearts on our sleeves like the expression says, we show that we value kindness and that we see love as an important part of who we are. “Wearing the world” is the idea of valuing the world as our most important equipment. What we wear is very close to us. We are intimate with it so to speak. We identify with it and people recognize it in us.


When we put on the world’s values, we emphasize the fact that the world has a significant impact on who we are or that we love it enough to put it on. When we put so much emphasis on the world it generates a decrease of the room, we give to the Lord in us. If our main garment is the world, chances are the Lord is just a pocket or a sleeve for us. We are in this world. We live in this world so we can’t ignore it but if we long to know its values and we prioritize them over the Lord’s values, I think we need to rethink our priorities. Is our goal to be as worldly as possible or is it to be more like Jesus?

I put on the garment of praise every day. I love it. It looks good on us. The Lord is in His praises so when we put on the garment of praise, we put on the Lord. There is no better outfit. There is no better equipment we can have on than the Lord’s. When we make our daily outfit the Lord’s outfit, we definitely stand out in this world. When we put on His values and His love, we are that shining light that people are attracted to. It’s not because of our own charisma, it’s because we allow the Lord’s light to come through us. This happens when we develop intimacy with God. When we take the time to fellowship with Him and listen to Him, we can’t help but “wear Him.” It’s easy to spot a person who has spent time with the Lord. It’s easy to spot someone who values the Lord more than the world. That person prioritizes Jesus. Get as close to the Lord as you can and wear Him every day. It will change your life and it will change the life of the people you interact with. Put on that desire to know Him better every day!

Suggested reading: Psalm 65:4; Isaiah 61:3; James 4:8

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