Helping others face the roller coasters of life

Who knows what’s going to happen today and who knows what will happen tomorrow? We get ahead of ourselves and we try to figure out what will take place in our lives every time we wonder if something good or something bad is going to happen. Our minds are very good at trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together. A puzzle that shouldn’t be a source of worry for us. When we have the Lord, we have all we need. Today could be bad but we will still have the Lord. Tomorrow could be horrible but we will still have the Lord. The Lord is our common denominator in life. He is a constant presence and too often He is an ignored presence. Problems and trials can make us forget about His presence easily. What does He have to say about our days to come? He says that life is a roller coaster; there are highs and lows but the events of our lives shouldn’t give us motion sickness. What makes a difference on a roller coaster is the seat. If the seat is safe and secure, we don’t have to even think that we could fall or that something bad will happen. The Lord is that safe seat on the roller coaster of life. He makes a difference. He is secure and He won’t let us fall. Our lives can go down and everything can feel very scary but even when we are down in the valley, the Lord is there with us. I have written that message many times but it is a message we need to hear all the time. You might be on the high side of the roller coaster now or you might be so low that you can’t even see anything. Remember that in both cases the Lord is your seat. He is your refuge. He is your protection and He will help you in any way He chooses. He can assign people to watch over you.


I have read of two pastors who have died by suicide this year and it made me very sad as you can imagine. They were facing some deep depression and nothing seemed to get them out of their fragile state. I understand that depression is one of those low points where you can’t picture going back up again. You feel stuck at the bottom of the roller coaster and you don’t know how or if you will get out. Saying that God can help you face anything is an understatement. However, there must be a great amount of support in some cases and when it’s not there, the fall can be permanent. We are the body of Christ and we need each other. We can try to face everything alone but we often need a shoulder to rely on and someone to push us up. I don’t know what the situations were for those two dear pastors and I won’t pretend to know exactly what happened. What I know is that we sometimes need to take a seat next to someone who is struggling on the roller coaster of life. The Lord is with us all the time but there are blindfolds of many different forms that can prevent us from seeing that. We lose our sight and sometimes we need someone else to be our eyes and show us how the Lord is still with us in the valley. Let’s check on each other’s rides. Let’s see if other people are not feeling safe enough on their roller coaster and they need assistance. I don’t like heights and I surely appreciate it when someone sits next to me in a height situation. I can pray up a storm but I need support when dealing with heights. It is a whole lot better now but I can see how someone would need comfort and a helping hand when they are uneasy. Let’s be the eyes and ears in our communities and let’s get on other people’s rides so we can be Jesus to them when they are facing storms.


I have seen myself on a roller coaster during prayer time when I was dealing with some issues. For me the highs were bad and the lows were good because I felt better close to the ground. What can be a high for someone can be a low for someone else. We can’t ever downplay what others are going through. Compassion and empathy are two helpful attributes that can guide us through the process of helping others. The Lord has those attributes without a doubt so when we find ourselves lacking those characteristics, we can always turn to the Holy Spirit and find help. I have noticed that the Holy Spirit always listens before we even ask. How? He often gives me what I need right when I need it even though I didn’t know I needed it. He is always a few steps ahead of us so we ought to pray that He would open the eyes of our spirits and lead us so we can be good stewards of His love and compassion for others. My prayer today is that you get on someone’s roller coaster and give them the love and attention they need. Be a spokesperson for love today! help someone who is having a hard time on the roller coaster of life!

Suggested reading: Proverbs 18:10; Psalm 32:7-8; 1 Peter 5:7

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