10 nuggets of wisdom for your Saturday (Part 99)

God knows what to do and how to do it. He doesn’t need guidance from us. He doesn’t need advice from us. When we let God be God, things happen that are up to His control.

With God you are in the spotlight but remember He is the spotlight. You are shining g because of Him. The spotlight should get all the credit for the light you are spreading. Let the Spirit get the glory for the light that brings meaning to your life.

Your day might feel different every day but Jesus in you is the same day after day. Greater is the Lord who is in you than the enemy who is in this world.

Pursue the Lord more than you pursue the world. Run after Him. Find Him. Follow Him and stay behind. Don’t go ahead of Him. Stay in your lane right behind Him!

Jesus has a plan and a purpose. You can wait for Jesus your whole life and hope He will show you your life mission when your mission has been in front of you the entire time. Your plan and purpose are here now! Plan on embracing the Lord’s plan and purpose.

God will propel you to a higher level. You are not staying where you are now. Patiently wait for the jump. When it is time, you will go higher than the dreams you had yesterday. Stay in the present and you will see that your future is on a different level.

Prayer and faith are the keys that open doors that you can’t open on your own. Turn the key every day with prayer. Get in the door with faith. Stay inside the door with faith. Let others come in through prayer and faith. Enjoy the house of the Lord with faith!

There is nothing you can’t do with the Lord. Gather your biggest dreams and remind them that there is nothing impossible with the Lord. Your dreams will stay close to you and the God of the impossible will make them come true!

Let God be the head of your social media. Be social with God every day using the media of His Word, the media of praise and the media of thanksgiving!

The enemy wants you to lose your mind and lose control but the Lord wants you to lose yourself and find yourself in Him. Die to self and live through Him!

Suggested reading: Jeremiah 29:11; Psalm 27:4; John 15:13

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